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Order Apr 23 @ 7:52pm 
Fuck Russian langauge, learn English.
Zigg Apr 23 @ 1:11am 
Да вы задолбали со своим ''add Russian language!'' товарищи!
Вы что, первый раз видите игру без официальной русской локализации?
Так что доношу до вас известия, что Zog Team занимается переводом этой игры, так же, как и занималась переводами других не локализованных игр!
Хватит ебать мозги разрабам.
BoxingBud Apr 22 @ 4:11pm 
Do the devs delete comments off here?
Andrew Apr 21 @ 5:58am 
Actually, even on Russian forums of the game these addRussianLanguagePeople annoy everyone. They come every week and start: "When Battle Brothers will get Russian language? I'm too lazy to scroll down the page". Most of Russian community tired of them too.
Sorry if I messed up the English here.
Lugithesh Apr 20 @ 11:54pm 


It’s not about how much it costs, it’s about how much profit you can get from it. Translation is an investment, and you get a return for that. As long as it's positive, it's a good move.

Let's show this with an example. Assuming a rate of 0.10 €/word (could be higher or lower depending on the quality they'd be looking for or how soon they'd want it), 200.000 words would cost 20.000 euros per language. At 27.99, that means 714 copies (let’s round it up to 1000 because of taxes & Steam cut).

Imagine they're selling 50 copies per week in a certain market (i.e. Russia). They hire a professional translator, translate it into Russian and sales bump to 75 copies per week. In 40 weeks (about 9 months), the investment is recouped and every extra sale gained through translation becomes extra profit. Profit they wouldn’t have got if the game hadn’t been translated.
Lugithesh Apr 20 @ 2:39pm 

The key is to predict how big an impact translation can have in a certain market. If it gets you only a few extra copies, it’s not going to be worth it. But it can be very profitable if it works out. Otherwise, AAA publishers wouldn’t do it.

Since indies don’t have such budgets, an option is to gauge the market by translating it only to one or a few extra key languages, see how it works out and expand on it if the move was successful.

All in all, localization should not be underestimated. The market is global and people (rightfully) want to play games in their language. Some people say “omg learn English!”... the smart ones will see it as an opportunity to make business.
NASTIGATEL Apr 20 @ 11:42am 
add Russian language!
Chief Apr 20 @ 12:39am 
LOL so many languages are desired. The game has around 200.000 words. You know what it costs? The guys have to make money first and then the devs prefer first german. That was mentioned in each interview. So sit back and wait...
Inductionist Apr 19 @ 1:36pm 
Dont they even teach english in soviet russia?
-RGBD-CheshireCat Apr 19 @ 9:14am 
add Russian language!