Black Mesa

Halloween Update

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gtamike_TSGK 4 Δεκ 2016 στις 6:27πμ 
Invisible weapon bug is still about after Halloween Update.
QUANTUM MECHANICS c000021a 13 Νοε 2016 στις 6:54πμ 
Keep the good work up devs.
Ur m9 AKA Your m8 6 Νοε 2016 στις 2:08πμ 
Where's Xen? )))
Irish Potato Sweets 4 Νοε 2016 στις 11:03πμ 
cyca blyat
|| HλLF-LIFE² (zcl) 3 Νοε 2016 στις 12:28μμ 
Workshop publish tool is working again ХАРЕ ПИЗДЕТЬ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9seed 2 Νοε 2016 στις 3:26μμ 
zecu means nothing. if HECU means Hazerdous Enviornment Combat Unit, then ZECU stands for Zombie Enviornment Combat Unit, implying that they are marines are sent to exclusivley fight zombies.
I believe you mean HEZU; Hazerdous Enviornment Zombified Unit.
ThisIsMyToon 2 Νοε 2016 στις 12:58μμ 
๖ۣۜQCX 2 Νοε 2016 στις 11:00πμ 
XEN is like HL3 its never comming out
๖ۣۜQCX 2 Νοε 2016 στις 11:00πμ