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ASSFRUIT Feb 17 @ 9:57pm 
any word on a release date? No worries if it's delayed.
Austinlb90 Feb 10 @ 2:58pm 
Triggered_Atheist Feb 2 @ 6:48pm 
And, I thought about this later on in my day, about having a tool in the game that let's us make our own traps, but that's asking for too much.
Triggered_Atheist Feb 2 @ 7:06am 
Also, when you guys are done with your game, I believe you should think about a "hero creator" tool that allows any player to get in and customize their own enemy unit, their speed, hit points, damage, ground/air, special attack or skill and what not. And any custom units can be used by the maker of said units in any of their own custom maps! Sound cool? I think it does. Maybe it could be a thing in the game where players would need to reach and beat a certain level to unlock it, but they would only have to beat like, I dunno, the 3rd or 5th level. That part is just a quick thought. Think about it though: with a tool like this, players could make maps where zombies attack the player! Or modern millitary soldiers that have rifles that shoot arrows, because bullet sprites and entities don't exist in the game xD I dunno. Anybody have suggestions for my idea or disagree or agree? I'd like to know.
Triggered_Atheist Feb 2 @ 6:59am 
You know, I just hope that they don't remove a lot of the little nice features that the first game has. A lot of game sequels do things like that, like making things less convenient. I just hope that the game remains easy to learn for our new players that'll come in and that the map editor won't get any more complicated ( unless the maker wants to do something complicated, like edit the enemy's path or something, but I doubt that will be a feature ), so we old players don't need to relearn everything. I know we're going to have to learn some new things, of course, just not everything.
Tomasz79 Jan 23 @ 1:41am 
(part 2):
So we would be able to create a super enemy, like a very fast door destroyer. Or enemy that is slow, but if you don't kill it in time, it can cover nearby trap like a blanket/parasite and disable it/make it worse)...

And the various abilities that would make enemies harder, would work similar to rune combinations - being a multipliers of exp gain. It would also depend on how many those enemies would be on a certain map. And we could save a superhard/interesting enemy preset to use it later and speed the process up.

I guess it seems like I'm reaching a bit ;) but it could be like moding, some people may create realy awesome enemies and share at workshop.
Tomasz79 Jan 23 @ 1:41am 
I agree, you can do more work if you actually let yourself stop and rest from time to time and not work yourself to death :) Being a dev with health regeneration option sounds good ;)

As for another thing, I was just thinking - hardcore users features? Let's speculate.
I mean, DW1 already had some I would call that, like map editor, big freedom in custom difficulty settings with runes.

I have one speculation (and no clue if it would work), but the idea get's me excited. How about a special mode where we can edit enemies? Like change/adjust various stats (health, armor, speed, regeneration, amount of gold it gives etc.) but also special abilities like healing allies, disabling/lowering stats of nearby traps, brief sprinting, brief boosting alies, brief other specials, door crushing in one hit, explode at death etc.)

(continued in next post)
Sylxeria Jan 22 @ 5:37pm 
New features? Like not something mentioned here in this announcement sort of new? Can you shed any light on what it is? :D

Aaaah well you should at least stop for some rest now and then! Hard work is fine and all but pushing yourself too hard isn't good :dw_warrior:
williampayne83 Jan 21 @ 3:00am 
Thank you for update!

Take your time. Very much looking forward to play DW2 :-)
Tomasz79 Jan 20 @ 6:07am 
+1 to both comments below. Thank you and just do your magic :)