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Welcome to the official LoveBeat community. Being a part of our group gives you useful information and builds new friendship. Come and join!

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New & ongoing events for you. Check out this post to learn more

Events (Pacific Time)
1. Funny Item Sales (Mar 23 - April 5)
  • Fashion Terrorist Event (Mar 23 - April 5)
2. Spring Stamp Event (Mar 23 - April 5)
3. Be the Fashion Stylist! (April 1 - April 30)
4. Monthly Perfect Attendance Award on April

Learn more
1. Funny Item Sales

Limited item sales for April Fool's day!
  • Funny 24 accessories and 6 set items will be displayed for an event period.
    You don't want to miss the chance to get them! Check out items at the Store
  • Check for the items![]
Fashion Terrorist Event!
  • Wear funny items updated and play games! Either accessories or set items are fine.
  • How to participate
    • Wear any funny items updated after the maintenance.
    • Take a screenshot or video of your character while playing or at the waiting room.
    • Post your screenshot or video on your SNS or Steam website.

    Example of submission

  • What's the gift?
    - 100% discount coupon to 3 participants via lucky draw!

2. Spring Stamp Event

Collect Flowers for spring rewards!
  • Play together with other players! You can get Flower stamps to exchange for rewards!
  • You need to play together with 2+ players in individual mode and 4+ players in team mode.
    Exchange stamps to those rewards![]

3. Be the Fashion Stylist!

Post your style as a monthly theme and make your own style in LoveBeat!

4. Monthly Perfect Attendance Award on April

The monthly perfect attendance award for April updated.

Check the attendance every day and grab permanent exclusive accessory item!
- Click here to check the item image![]

Previous Events
Click here to learn more about previous events

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