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Hello Dancers, this is GM Beat.

Thank you for playing and loving LoveBeat. I'd like to express a deep appreciation on behalf of our LoveBeat team.

The sanction policy is being implemented at all times in order to eradicate the fair play in LoveBeat. After the implementation of the sanctions in December, there was a lot of opinions and questions from players regarding the policy. In order to solve the curiosity of players, we’ve decided to make this announcement.

1. Why were the existing policies not applied?

First of all, I’d like to make an excuse for the reason why the existing policies were not applied to December sanction.

As you may know, the existing rules are as follows: 1. Warning to Fam Master, 2. Fam points deduction, and 3. Initializing Fam Grade and Points. However, on December’s sanction, the existing policy had not enforced to the Fam who got the 3rd penalty, and it continued to a suspicion that the policy has been adjusted for the convenience of certain Fam.

As to the conclusion, the revised policy has not been adjusted for the convenience of a particular Fam.

The reason for the implementation of the different policy in December is that the subjected Fam had achieved over Fam Grade 11, which the special Fam reward item is given. Therefore, if the Fam grade is initialized, the possibility of receiving the special reward for duplicated times has raised.

As a result, we are discussing new policies to prevent various side effects, and the sanction in December couldn’t follow the existing policy. We deeply apologize for the inability to inform you in advance.

2. About the Revision of the December Sanctions

After the enforcement of the provisional policy, there were many feedbacks from players regarding the operation of fixed Fam Battles. Thanks to this, we confirmed that the external influence such as the user’s network environment can be influenced in recording manipulated games.

Some of the Fams were asked to re-confirm on their records, and the conditions that might influence on Fam record have noticed. Therefore, we decided to cancel the penalties have been informed in December.

As a result, the first sanctioned Fams will receive a warning cancellation, and the Fams who got more than 2 times of penalties will get the deducted points back on the Jan 25th update.

3. The Direction and Standard of Sanctions for Fixed Fam Battle

We are discussing a new policy for fixed Fam Battle that prevents the side effects of the old policy. The new policy should be acceptable to the majority of users and expected to be enforced in January. After then, we strongly encourage not to take any action that could be suspected as a fixed Fam Battle, and it may lead to intense sanctions. Please noted.

You can send an email to about irrational conduct. If it is not intentional, the sanction may be withdrawn, but disadvantages occurred are not responsible for penalties incurred.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.
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