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Steam Controller CAD Release

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antoniomad Oct 1 @ 10:38am 
Does those skins match the new battery door? :S
greasy chicken Oct 1 @ 4:41am 
i love this the best thing is if anything other from the mainboard breaks you can easily replace it yourself and i would love to print one of the cases so i could replace it with a different color :)
LolindirLink Sep 29 @ 6:54pm 
great service here! wish more company's provided this kind of service.
still greatyly satisfied with the Steam controller for almost a year now.
barely touched the 360-wireless since, and i don't have a need for a new 360-wireless / xOne controller since. i wish i had a 3D printer tho :'D
Luis1335 Sep 20 @ 5:19pm 
Ya lo quiero en mis manos jejjeje
rasqel Jul 12 @ 6:14am 
dax xat kal tis rol kan tiz rak qik sa ixlitip bakat tuk
bored Jun 13 @ 7:21am 
does this bring in the possibility of custom coloured controllers? not that i dont like the black finish on mine but just the idea would be equally exciting
Pion Jun 2 @ 5:48pm 
4. They are not giving the controller away for free (or selling it on this page) nor allowing manufacturer's to make their own - the electronics, software, and all the stuff INSIDE the controller is not available, ONLY the outer shell.

5. If you are upset / confused about why the dongle-clip battery cover option wasn't made available from the start you're missing the point of this post - the dongle is the least important part (how often are you people unplugging this dongle? I haven't unplugged mine since I got the darn thing like a month ago...), and the dongle holder isn't being produced / sold / offered by Steam / Valve - they're just providing you with a model in case you want to print your own.
Pion Jun 2 @ 5:48pm 
There seems to be a lot of confusion here so hopefully this can help.

1. This is not a Steam Controller - this is a file that contains the design of the SHELL / COVER of the Steam Controller - which can be used to CHANGE the shell / cover of the steam controller YOU ALREADY OWN with something more comfortable / useful, like having a place to put the usb dongle, or custom molding it to your hands.

2. If you want to BUY a Steam Controller - a) this isn't the place for that, or to complain about not having it in your country; b) Brazilians & Russians - you can buy the controller on like the rest of us.

3. Once you BUY the controller (on if not on Steam, or one of the countless other places selling the things like EB games in Canada, or just go to ebay), and you are somewhat familiar with 3D modeling and printing, THEN you can use these files to print your own shell / cover.
killer gamer May 29 @ 4:55pm 
how i to buy this