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Pixel: ru² is a unique blend of puzzle, platformer, and shooter, combining color theory and gravity manipulation to create challenging levels that will test your mental and physical skills. You play as a pixel that travels through image files. Different color barriers block your path, and you'll need to match their color to pass through them. There are enemy pixels that can be defeated by shooting them with the opposite color. You can also flip upside down and rotate gravity.

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For those of you that don't know, October 13th this year is Ada Lovelace day, a day about women in science, technology, engineering and maths. It was named after Ada, Countess of Lovelace[], the first computer programmer.

New Level

To celebrate today, we created a new level called Algorithm. It's available in both the demo and the full version of the game. It's a tricky level that involves an intricate color puzzle. There's no combat in the level, but you will need to use your beam weapon. Remember that by default, you can change your weapon's color with the scroll wheel.

Trading Cards
Ada Lovelace wasn't the only woman that did a lot for computer science; there are plenty of others. In fact, five of the fifteen trading cards are of women that did a lot for computer science:
Other Fixes

We also fixed a minor bug (thank you Grace Hopper for that term, and for the compiler) in the RGB keyboard algorithm (thank you Ada Lovelace for seeing computers as more than just calculators) using computer science (thank you Adele Goldstine for creating the foundations of that and writing the first book on the subject).

And thank you to my partner Charlotte "Charlaxy" Ellett, who doesn't post much on her own, because she's too busy programming.
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