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New input system:

-Supports all modern console controllers and possibly some less modern ones such as PC remakes of megadrive pads (untested)

-Xbox One
-Steam Controller
-PS4 (Using the custom DS4Windows drivers available online)

-Allows for simultaneous controller, mouse and keyboard assignment and control
-New input manager, far more customizable than the original allowing two mappings for the same function for both keyboards and controllers.


-Mod data is now cached correctly, giving major performance increase for users subscribed to a large number of mods
-Small misc performance fixes to do with UI animation
-Vsync now defaults to off, we recommend leaving it that way if you're having trouble with emulator performance

-Mods now appear in menus correctly when the user is subscribed to > 50 workshop files

"Stretched fullscreen" option implemented

-Off by default
-This setting stretches the fullscreen video output to 16:9

Capped FPS at 120 when vsync is disabled

-Prevents excessive framerates in fullscreen play mode
-Some users with powerful machines were running in excess of 600 FPS, causing overheating

Added "fastest" graphics setting for even lower graphics

-This disables the time of day sun/moon lights and realtime shadows, and sets all textures to lowest LOD
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