Art Collection & PAIN MODE...

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Ant Hedonist 2015. márc. 12., de. 5:15 
"- New enemies & bosses have been added.
- A new area has been added "
Is this exclusive to Pain mode or not?
Daverball 2015. jan. 4., de. 4:44 
After the first fight when you encounter terry he will ask you a question that will determine whether you play the game in pain mode or not.
Fido The Dude 2015. jan. 4., de. 1:44 
How to turn the pain mode on?
Dot 2015. jan. 2., du. 10:33 
love it~
James 2015. jan. 2., du. 7:44 
Hell yeah
zooboo 2015. jan. 2., du. 6:00 
Pain Mode was exactly what the game was missing :)
Marjane 2015. jan. 2., du. 5:13 
PAIN MODE????? holy meecrab. that sounds uber hard for me.

what the heck, i gonna give a shot
Commissar Jake 2015. jan. 2., de. 10:30 
Oh question, will the Art be added to the Soundtarack on Bandcamp or will the Art pack only be available via the Steam soundtrack?