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These are the Patch Notes for The Exiled version 1.5 that will be released with the start of our Season #8 game worlds (October 6th until November 2nd 2017). Please check out our list of known issues before playing and reporting bugs.

  • Removed the three-hour-window - game worlds are now available 24/7 again.
  • Increased the maximum duration you can go without drinking to 60 minutes.
  • Doubled the daily limited lives regeneration for all players.

  • You are now always able to drink water from a well as long as you are not overloaded.
  • You can now see the next well on the side of your screen.
  • Fixed a localisation issue with the character creation screen.
  • Removed "Points of Interest" from the game since they did not create meaningful gameplay.
  • Removed Efficiency and Elegance leaderboards from the game since they did not create meaningful gameplay. The Clan and Solo leaderboards are staying.
  • Removed the inactive "mods menu" from the game.


A Note from the Developers

Since going into Early Access we have listened to your feedback in the forums, via direct messages and in the game itself. As you all noticed, The Exiled did not live up to the expectations we had for it, leading to a very small players base and little player interaction.

Our efforts during the last months did not have a significant impact on this. Survival Mode was interesting but not good enough. So here is what has to happen:

1. We decided to remove the three-hour-time-window we introduced with Survival Mode. This did not lead to more engaging play sessions and it prevented you from playing - so it had to go.

2. We are extending the free trial to an unlimited duration for everybody. That means that you can play The Exiled for free as long as you want without having to pay for it - as long as you do not want the goodies in our Supporter Packs like multiple character slots or extra skins.

3. We will go back to the drawing board with our plans to re-set the game. Expect smaller bug fixes from us in the coming seasons but no major changes. We are still supporting the game, keeping the servers running and answering your support tickets but as long as we have no convincing plan for the future of the game we will not make any further major changes to it.

Yes, we have read multiple suggestions to "just get a publisher", to "just spend some money on marketing" or "just make the game free-to-play". We can assure you that if there was a "silver bullet" to make the game work out then we'd go that route in an instant. We have spent the last four years of our lives living and breathing The Exiled and we are fully aware of the options we have.

Thank you for supporting The Exiled so far - do not hesitate to share your feedback with us! We'll keep you posted.

Alex and Sebi
Your The Exiled team
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