GRAV: Reborn Update 9.7.18

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FocusBoxHero Mar 5 @ 7:15pm 
durring the loading server wait time when it lets you fly around the map... take the camera and fly straight up backwards looking at the ground all the way out... Goes on forever and it is possible to leave the skybox... looks neat even if it won't allow me to play the dern game... I also enjoy glitch hop and chicken pot pies... fyi
Gussy Mar 4 @ 12:22pm 
this game runs terrible. do optimization update chumps
WillPlaysTV Feb 27 @ 7:02pm 
Even paying a streamer to do some propaganda works only for a while. Maybe it's time to check why game is dead, sir dev?
Some Guy Feb 25 @ 7:50am 
@Developers : can be deleted all when a (big update) comes out because i lost my brain on this game cuz i dont understand anymore the game. The still have my armor but the armor is like that the armor dont exist and i have much bluprints that i get again and then i can build my weapons etc. pls fix that. ;)
Yasser Liekong Feb 19 @ 4:40am 
holy this game still .... well
Will Whiskey Feb 17 @ 5:41am 
This game still being updated ? i thought the devs left for good
oh well cya next year with another minor update i guess
EbolaNinja Feb 13 @ 5:17pm 
Ren Feb 13 @ 12:00pm 
This playable anytime soon without loosing progress?
ZacZ44 Feb 10 @ 5:30pm 
i know the community isnt that grateful, but personally i am, this game has amazing potential, it hasnt lived up to it yet, but if updates like this keep comming, im sure its not far off, the game has beautiful atmosphere that i was really impressed by when i first bought the game,, but soon despised the leveling system on both creatures and your character, but if they keep it up, this game will be one worth buying
ZooL Feb 10 @ 4:14pm 
оптимизация? не не слышал....