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Suspiciously Squiggly Chode Mar 24 @ 11:51am 
Was gonna fire it up again when i saw the update news. then read it further, and saw that botplay is locked now. seriously? I mean yeah, i'd buy it. but at this point. the game seems dead. hardly anyone plays it. takes me a while to queue with anyone. so id use botplay to play it. And now im forced to MP only thats pretty much dead and hopeless. Thats why i never got the full game. its just pretty much dead and you'd be getting it mostly for offline play. but this is where i uninstall the free version and never touch this game again. Yeah sure, all maps unlockable now, doesn't mean anything to me if I can't play em in offline mode anymore. Way to push people to buy a nearly dead game.
Dalaron Mar 23 @ 3:53pm 
wanna know why Toxikk is dead? because it can't do what Team Fortress 2 has been doing since it went F2P... you can still play solo with bots in that game...and they're giving new maps and content for free... as well as offering some content and a low price... TF2 is so much better than this piece of crap... and it actually has players on it... i got TF2 when they still were charging for it.. that's how long i've been playing that game and it's still installed on my PC... it's that great of a game... A LOT of devs in the gaming industry refuse to listen to one word their customers (gamers) are saying... and yet still expect some if not all of them to buy their worthless product anyway... just take a look at SimCity 5... and you tell me why that game died right out of the gate.... can you say.. DRM bullsh*t???
fokn wumbo Mar 22 @ 9:46am 
how about you guys stfu and buy the game itself, it's such a great game show some support for development, what do you expect from a free version?
Draco_Platina Mar 21 @ 1:48am 
All these people complaining about no longer being able to play alone on the free version, plus all these people complaining about there being no players online... related?
Dustwo Mar 20 @ 10:17pm 
You tried to do to much, vehicles etc... instead of just making 1 game type, also you did not look at the playerbase of other FPS, the only one with goo numbers is Counter Strike and Rainbow six siege.

There is a lot of FPS out there with dead servers, Quake Champions will be free to play because they know the terrain...

Bad management ...
MrFreeman Mar 19 @ 4:39am 
Serious we can't play solo with bot like before, your game it's free. Good bye and good night.
sonator Mar 18 @ 10:19pm 
Unlock all maps but lock solo with bots?? Are u serious? bye...
xCAKSx Mar 18 @ 7:54pm 
Devs are a**holes :)
:UKR:T0by0ne Mar 18 @ 8:21am 
Sorry Dev's too little too late! Your planning and roadmap killed a game with the potential to be something truly special, GREAT GAME. Just no-one plays it....!
Tempires Mar 18 @ 7:22am 
isn't there now too much for Free edition players? i mean only paid thing that i really use is workshop content now. everything else is free