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Dovahkiin1337 Mar 10 @ 6:58pm 
Love the game, but I wish you hadn't disabled bots. I was 3 hrs into game, with a mix of multi and bots, but next time I played I was paywalled. I was planning on paying, but I want to get more than 3 hours in before I make a buying decision. Please be more public about these changes.
COB Mar 5 @ 1:48pm 
So noone plays this game and i cant play with bots anymore, whats the point of keeping this? BB
slimak[PL] Mar 5 @ 1:07pm 
they shouldnt have given bots to non paying players in the first place, they gave too much for free, its obvious now some people will get upset ana turn they back on the game, that tbh is totally worth asking price even if only for the bots.
Raidakk Mar 4 @ 7:46pm 
What you need to do is make more maps, more interesting game modes like UT2004 had (bombing run), more characters and redesign these generic weapons...
DB_BUG Mar 4 @ 8:10am 
what the hell?
phoueyyouey Mar 4 @ 7:54am 
Sure, I own the game now, but the inability for free players to play boot camp is ridiculous. That is how I started playing (since I am TERRIBLE at multiplayer haha) I still really only play boot camp and contracts (which I finished all contracts now). It kind of makes me sad that they would remove this as I STARTED this way.
Agret Mar 4 @ 4:56am 
09 - Change - Free players CAN'T play Boot Camp and Contract offiline matches anymore (except for the Tutorial mission of course).

lol bye bye toxikk, uninstall time
nel21ph Mar 4 @ 4:51am 
Uninstalling developers should be adding not subrtracting
The Model Railwayman Mar 4 @ 2:41am 
This is a great update except for the loss of singleplayer bot matches for free players. I feel this is the only bad thing with this game tbf. Apart from that - great game!
Butane Mar 3 @ 5:36pm 
The workshop has a lot of great maps. It would be nice if the community ranked servers/quickjoin allowed that into the equation.