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[ A E ] WinD Feb 24 @ 6:35am 
The second cup had the same amount of players as the first: to jumpstart the community AEeSports has decided to take this in a rather exciting way into a different direction until ESL begins to give weekend hours for NA.
AEeSports.Pro NA Cup Test (Sunday feb 26th, 6:45ET) - Worth 5 total AE points, same as ESL cups
Although we will be including the masterpiece remake by Predhat0r of Quake 3's Aerowalk to the map pool along with Grendel Keep and campgrounds.
Please sign up - this is on the weekend; this is what I am calling a test / trial cup due to only forming it today. Although 7 days after will be the offical first cup. If we have a large turnout (15+ active players) we will allocate 1 AE point to each player despite placement for aiding in furthering our tournament systems.

- Kenneth "WinD" Spaziani CEO Accelerated Evolution
[ A E ] WinD Feb 10 @ 2:18pm 
The second cup will be a huge success - as I posted about on the forums.
PredatH0r Feb 9 @ 6:18am 
Zaurus won against Agoat in the finals.

Unlike the EU cup, the NA cup had a region lock.
Only players from countries US and CA were allowed to sign up.
The ESL site didn't allow players with other country settings to sign up.
wustardsauce Feb 8 @ 7:06pm 
who won?
Sharkster  [developer] Feb 5 @ 3:40pm 
@ridge: What do you mean with "player needs to be in ca, us"? Is that some screen output you got?
[ A E ] WinD Feb 5 @ 3:22pm 
People seem to be having issues signing up with a "processing" error - we got 13 head count so far - but only 2 reg'd
Sunny#mmoist Feb 5 @ 3:04pm 
player needs to be in ca, us XD
Sunny#mmoist Feb 5 @ 3:02pm 
hey SHARKSTER can i play for NA in the cup?
[ A E ] WinD Feb 5 @ 10:54am 
This will be the return of WinD of Accelerated Evolution..... to Arena FPS in 2017 -coughs- Yeah I wish I had something more epic but I was just in competitions for other arena shooters... or that would have sounded more epic "RETURN TO ARENA SHOOTERS! 12 years!" Nah; but this will amazing - we have 4 channels of points of view - commentary - we are doing a "road to" mini-doc about 10 minutes per episode followed by a "the aftermath" which will have highlights and interviews with players (that will be on friday-
if you are in the NA sign up!