20XX 1.2.0 Patch Notes - February 12, 2018

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Wooooooo 11 hours ago 
Items occasonally desync during a run in multiplayer. This happens a lot with the "buy items before the run starts" items.

Also is this the best place to report bugs? I couldn't find any links on your website.
Emperor Zerbo Feb 20 @ 6:30pm 
Hey devs, I've been experiencing game crashes during the final boss room why playing Hawk. Hopefully a hotfix is in the works!
Cacique Tapaxota Feb 18 @ 7:07am 
Lets get update for 3 players =D plssssssssssssssssssss
Santis Feb 17 @ 10:19am 
Amazing, i wish it works with more as 2 players
Nibelung Feb 16 @ 2:17pm 
Only negative I give on Hawk is that her 2-player color scheme is too similar to her main color.
Glory Hole Taco Feb 16 @ 5:00am 
You guys are amazing.
TheCrawsome Feb 15 @ 8:27pm 
Love this dev. Thank you for keeping the dream alive.
ricardo_the_player Feb 15 @ 6:52pm 
All good now guys, after the hotfix 20XX is running high quality with no issue at all, thank you developers, you rock!
scottryman Feb 14 @ 9:39pm 
Core aug drop feels a little too unfair. Out of the last few runs, I've gotten enough drops to get a core aug on each part twice, and once was because I started with the aug that gives you a glory zone in every level.
DropDaBottle Feb 14 @ 2:17am 
great fixes and additions to the game! glad you fixed that spooky platform on Skytemple i jumped at once. damn, i don't like jump scares.