Updated Luxor Mahjong to V. - Win8 Compatibility

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Aslan7147 4 mrt om 2:53nm 
Always nice to see an update thanks. The resolution of the game is still very low however. I suppose the art assets are fixed resolution though? I'd like to see a successor game with 4K and 8K assets. Actually I'd like to see all games from you in the future with 4K assets included by default, and a free DLC of 8K assets for those with the hardware.
Xiang 13 mrt 2014 om 3:16nm 
I didn't have any problem running this on Win7.

However a few of the older, regular Luxor games won't run on Win7. Any fix coming for those?
moop (moop is bear) 12 mrt 2014 om 11:23nm 
This already ran on win 7.
Kyle! 12 mrt 2014 om 1:58nm