Supreme Ruler Ultimate

Supreme Ruler Ultimate

Supreme Ruler Ultimate Version 9.0.75 Update Released

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mariosred Mar 15 @ 1:22pm 
there needs to be a Private military company units or mercenaries and be able to recruit miltia.
or at least add that a country can have a civil war.
Aragos Mar 14 @ 12:34pm 
The USA May 25, 1944 bug is still there. On sandbox, if you are playing the USA on full control (no AI help running the USA), the AI turns on that day and takes over. You can cut it back off again, but that means they deploy all your reserves, etc.
Omniouseye Mar 10 @ 2:14am 
there is a bug in game when you play the 2017 or 2020 scenario related to the electicity caparacity of the power plants. The dwindle overtime.... It means that at some point no one will no longer have electricity. I started with the trump scenario, hydro plant were at 500 mWh, in 2020 it is now 268 mWh. this is a game breaking bug!
Ctp. Xperement Mar 2 @ 3:26pm 
any one want to play mutiplayer with me
Nerei Feb 27 @ 5:18am 
Please tell me how adding a workshop is going to solve the problem of a noticeable portion of the modding community not being interested in using the workshop and there not being many mods in the first place?

Again according to Fistalis one of the reasons there is no workshop is that the modders where not interested. Perhaps the place to start would be to try and convince them that it is a good idea instead of just arguing that it would be easier for you?
That argument might be worth something as bluntly put it means absolutely nothing if you want workshop support if the modders will not use it.
Bill Nye the Dank guy Feb 25 @ 2:22pm 
There NEEDS to be a steam Workshop for this game. I cannot find ANY websites that provide Easy Access to Mods
Nerei Feb 6 @ 6:14pm 
Not really sure there is enough demand for Steam workshop. Maybe if modding tools get added there might be but for now the modding scene is not really that active. On the Steam boards it appears to pretty much be dead.

You will also have to get the modders that are around to use it for it to be worth anything.
According to Fistalis one of the reasons there is no workshop is that a good part of the modding community is not interested in it and I have to say that I personally belong to that group.

Again this might change if/when modding tools gets released but for now to me at least it would appear to be wasted effort.
nlissack Feb 3 @ 12:19pm 
- Put Supreme Ruler Ultimate on the Steam Workshop! A LOT of great players can create new senarios, alternate history, etc. Allow for modding through the Steam Workshop.

- REMOVE Hillary Clinton as the President of the United States in the 2020 Senario of the game.

- Add new senarios! Like post Soviet era, WW1, War on Terror, Yugoslav Wars, Vietnam, etc. There's A LOT of untapped potential.

- Add a delete button in the saved games section. So us players may delete already played games.
robert.soyka Jan 22 @ 12:04am 
Economic advise:
- Build the right factories. Start with industrial goods. They always become more expensive later in the game cause everyone builds and produves consumer goods with them.
- Produce as much as you need on your own soil if possible, so you dont have to spend on imports.
- building a lot creates a huge demand for Industrial goods. And Importing huge amounths of Industrial goods drains your budget
- Try to produce surplus for Export. Industrial goods, Consumer Goods, Food and Oil are almost always high in demand. Export of Coal, Ore, Timber or Uranium is often difficult. Exports increase your income.
- Be aware that costs of unemployment subsidy depend on unemployment rate. If you have many unemployed people it gets super expensive! (And having lots of unemployed means your economy needs to be improved by new factories, farms, mines...)
cheleken2007 Jan 21 @ 12:23pm 
I was playing this game for a while now and I can tell that it is not working properly, regadrless of my spelling!!!!!
First, healthcare is 124% and recomended spending is let's say 100mill. Because you cannot have 124% of something while ONLY 100% as a constant as a TOP of whatever!! And so when I put to 100% , the recomended expense in lowering which in turn herts population and that leads to lowering my popularity !!!!!!!! You see my point? The healthcare is ONLY of all problematic aspects of this game, I am not mentioning speed, pop.growth and so on...
In my opinion, in order to realy enjoy this game the economical aspects MUST BE FIXED first!!! The budget is ALWAYS in RED!!!! unless, you cut social expences , but hat is BS.....
So please, fix economical part,otherwise , I wil ldelete this game and won't play it anymore!!!!!!