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Hello there

Just dropping by to bring you the very awesome news that Monster Slayers, the new card-based battler from Nerdook, is out now on Steam.

Even better news, if you own either of Nerdook's previous games – Vertical Drop Heroes HD or Reverse Crawl – you're entitled to a special loyalty discount. If you own either of those games on Steam and you buy Monster Slayers before 10am PST 30 March, you get a very tasty 33% discount at the checkout. Nice.

Don't have Vertical Drop or Reverse Crawl? Don't be sad - there's a 10% discount for EVERYONE who picks up Monster Slayers before 30 March, 10am PST. Everyone's a winner!

Head to the Monster Slayers page for more info.

Happy monster slayin' to you all!

Matt | Community Manager | Digerati Distribution
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