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Street Fighter V

SteamOS Status Update

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Mega Missingno. Aug 20 @ 12:51am 
18 months. A full year and a half has gone by and you still won't tell us what's up. No matter what happened, I don't understand why you can't just say something.
cybik Jul 16 @ 7:13pm 
We're still waiting, Capcom.

We can be patient, but there's a limit.
Matheus B. May 14 @ 1:27pm 
se passou 1 ano e nenhuma noticia sobre a versão de linux...
Mega Missingno. Mar 28 @ 7:51pm 
At this point I don't even want the port anymore. I just want an apology. Both for lying about the port, and for not saying anything about it for over a year.
swampwalk Feb 16 @ 7:22pm 
Time certainly does fly.
SMBF Vertigo Feb 14 @ 2:31am 
1 year and still no word. I didn't realise over a year was considered "Soon". It's been 8 months since the release window ended, how have you still not even released any information?
Fabry Feb 14 @ 1:25am 
1 year without info gj capcom! -.-'
Mega Missingno. Feb 13 @ 10:52pm 
One year. 365 days of you saying nothing.
Erik Chendo Feb 7 @ 8:53am 
Today : 07/February/2017
359 days has past since 14/February/2016

The Spring from 2016 has passed and we are going to enter in second Spring

Why you do not get an outsourcer like a FERAL to speed up this port.
This outsourcer specializes in ports for Mac and Linux (including SteamOS).
Why do not you use her? It could speed up and much ...

I will wait the port to buy your game
lag.whisperer Jan 20 @ 12:00pm 
Any update on this?