Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016)

Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016)

Breach & Clear: Deadline Receives Massive New Update

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Thedirtyguy Aug 29 @ 12:55am 
fuck this shitty company
Sapper Aug 7 @ 8:41pm 
You claim tolisten to feedback and you have a million people on here screaming about coop being removed. You guys truly are a bunch of idiots and dont give a rip what any of your player base says. You have screwed yourself from becoming a larger more popular company. Way to go.
co_man Jul 21 @ 9:20pm 
Returned to the game after buying a bunch of two packs for friends and learn you've removed coop. That was the best feature. I'm in the camp of, "you'll be hard pressed to get a dollar out of me in the future, bozo!".
SciDragonL Jun 18 @ 12:42am 
I think they should delete the freeze time of coop instead of removing the whole mode. And I hope to see each player can control 4 characters for coop reimplement.
Slide Jun 17 @ 12:14am 
Would really like to see Co-op reimplemented. That's the whole reason we bought this game.
Patcito May 6 @ 3:35pm 
You removed the only thing that was keeping most of the players for this game , wtf !!
Thedirtyguy Mar 7 @ 1:36am 
Developer: Mighty Rabbit Studios , Gun Media
Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment, Devolver Digital


fuck out of here telling me "we know its been a while" yeah motherfucker you didnt do a single hotfix for over a year, take out coop (i bought the game in a fucking COOP two-pack), and pretend like youre updating?

never gonna see another dollar from me.
.SCARECROW. かかし ❌ Feb 8 @ 4:19pm 
id love the co-op system in the game its still epic anyway but with co-op i do think it would be better its always funner with buddys =)
Ziant Feb 7 @ 12:02am 
re-add the MP later on, maybe?
PaleAzalea Feb 5 @ 10:52pm 
Can i complete a co op achievement?