New Scenario "Murder!" Now Available for Everyone

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Gamecool 10 Sep 25 @ 3:01pm 
I liked this scenario.
xiaoxian Sep 11 @ 7:36am 
DarkLordOfOZ Sep 8 @ 11:08pm 
the contores could be better the mouse id trickie also microphone chat would be good
scarface2468 Aug 28 @ 11:55am 
yeah me too
Doohicky101 Aug 28 @ 5:06am 
Epic scenario!
Regime Aug 27 @ 11:57am 
Really enjoyed this scenario.
Siedler Aug 26 @ 11:10am 
Mother of Dragons: text-to-speech feature has been now re-enabled for everyone. You can read more about it here:
twomagoo Aug 26 @ 11:02am 
Good point Mother of Dragons, it is the reason why many people quit the game. Good job developers :DD
Maya Aug 26 @ 10:51am 
I would like to go back and play, I really would, but the whole appeal of the game was the text to voice feature, so without that, It really isn't worth reinstalling.