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Hello Generals,

We are glad to announce a new update which repairs multiplayer connectivity and addresses game balance issues that you have reported. Here is the brief but very important list of improvements that you will find in this patch.


  • Resolved Multiplayer connectivity problems.
  • Balanced ranged damage to be not so overpowered as before. Casualties will be much more realistic and the game should be more enjoyable by playing either side (Union or Confederates) in Single Player or Multiplayer mode. This damage balance affects positively morale and condition, that previously could drop too fast, making units almost unmanageable in many cases.
  • Improvements for AI to keep better safe distance from the player and attack more efficiently.
  • Improvements for player's units auto-targeting and self-awareness.

This update is currently available only for the Steam version of Ultimate General: Gettysburg for Windows, Linux, Mac. It will soon be available to other services.

We hope you will enjoy this patch!

The Game-Labs Team

Patch is available to all other platforms (GOG and App Store).
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