Unturned Patch Notes

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CurtChan Apr 29 @ 3:39am 
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annelilly Mar 18 @ 2:32pm 
HarleyJake Mar 18 @ 5:44am 
THANKS FOR THE BAN!!! no reason at all why...
Trickster. Mar 17 @ 1:47pm 
optimize stop releasing new content thats not optimized
primusmotor Mar 14 @ 11:43am 
sandvitch is good Mar 13 @ 6:58am 
hawaii hot af boiii
GameDragun Mar 12 @ 3:49pm 
The hawaii update in general is great, I love it :) but if you want ideas then make the tall bridge across the river at Pahala destroyed like confrontation bridge in PEI. This would add a very big effect on the bridge at Keokea, in Pvp servers people would be fighting for control over it as it would be the only way to get vehicles from the sout to the north of the island. Thx for Hawaii!
Sharp_Scopez skinhub.com Mar 11 @ 7:55am 
nah not makeshiift maybe a research submarine that you can transport from scorpion 7 location to the sea using a skycrane or carjack