Unturned Update Notes

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CurtChan Mar 6 @ 1:54pm 
In need of Unturned Item ID list?
-> unturnedcompanion.com/items

-> unturnedcompanion.com/vehicles
TheGamingCat Mar 5 @ 4:28am 
In the deadzone I found a glitch in certain areas of the volcano where the deadzone covers doesn't affect you
Some glitch with the glider where if you dequip it while in the air but only about one foot off the ground you will bleed and break a bone.
russia Mar 1 @ 1:26am 
Nelson when are you gonna put more meat
Knifedera Feb 27 @ 2:11pm 
Seems like they forgot the Yellow Glider. All the rest are present, though
Downtown35 Feb 26 @ 8:54am 
I would appriceate it, if some people would read this and bring in some of their own suggestions.
IsAName Feb 24 @ 10:55pm 
Maybe, around the volcano, you could have special zombie type creatures, half melted up zombies that guard the place. They could be really slow, but leaving a lava track behind them, that disappears after a while but catches you on fire if you walk into it. Same happens when they hit you. If implement that however, you should really op the loot around the volcano a bit. Maybe even make it a deazone as well.
DoggySazHi Feb 24 @ 3:26pm 
On a Linux server, I'm getting problems such as "The server is running a modified version of the map." Will it be fixed in a later update? I know it's not my server fault, as I can run RKGHawaii, but not the official one.
fluffysquad Feb 24 @ 2:25pm 
Can u plz fix the crash system its just making it to where i dont even want to play this game cuz its the waste of time
AℭID Feb 24 @ 1:31pm 
woah, just woah. you can fix audio in dark caves, but cant fix crash issue 90% of players experience. well fucking done