Unturned Update Notes

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CurtChan May 3 @ 12:13pm 
New Item Added!
-> Stereo [unturnedcompanion.com]

New Vehicle Added!
-> Moon Buggy [unturnedcompanion.com]

But don't make me type all links, 480 new skins...
-> unturnedcompanion.com/skins

In need of Unturned Items ID list?
-> unturnedcompanion.com/items
como mierda subo una cancion a la workshop?
gracias de antemanos perkinazos de mierda
Briggs Apr 28 @ 4:26pm 
I LOVE the radio idea but it is kind of confusing. I love how well this game is growing.
The Last Weeb Apr 14 @ 6:16pm 
this is bs having to have unity to get custom music.
i'm getting it just to have custom music.
i accept your challenge
Colin Mochrie Apr 13 @ 1:42pm 
i like the Radio idea But should be Tweaked so its easier to add songs Took me along time to figure out what to do :P but still happy with the uppdate Keep up the good work
chris Apr 13 @ 3:43am 
my desktop is running this really well
chris Apr 13 @ 3:43am 
all u guys asking for an optimizm update GET A FUCKING BETTER COMPUTER AND STOP USING $50 LAPTOPS YOU IDIOTS
ЛЫСЫЙ ЁЖ Apr 13 @ 1:24am 
как играть с друзьями
CMM444 Apr 12 @ 4:40pm 
You can't have multiple lobbys or groups WTF.