Unturned Update Notes

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zGhostyz Jul 8 @ 4:11am 
i dont have that vershion i have
Hacker_Demjack Jun 17 @ 1:49am 
✘Witek✘ Jun 8 @ 8:00am 
Theres probably a mod that adds fidget spinners xD
Pablo824 Jun 8 @ 7:56am 
Add a fidged spinner in the game!! Jk xD...
Tatatyska Jun 1 @ 7:42am 
A Humble Whiskey Merchant May 26 @ 8:16pm 
Top Gun. Nelson Sexton, my man, you are truly a legend.
CurtChan May 25 @ 11:16am 
New Vehicle added!
-> Fighter Jet [unturnedcompanion.com]

New Items added!
-> Fighter Pilot Helmet [unturnedcompanion.com]
-> Fighter Pilot Top [unturnedcompanion.com]
-> Fighter Pilot Bottom [unturnedcompanion.com]
Deadly Sloth May 25 @ 10:59am 
An idea I have is to add a yellow sports car that's better than everything else. Why? No reason in particular.
ϟ 1👌 NLRicardoFTW May 25 @ 9:01am 
A way to be able to join people in singleplayer would be epic ;)
Mosseljongen May 25 @ 4:06am 
I would like a way where you can join someone's single player world but you have to be friends with them