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Zubmariner Beta Update

Experienced zailors will know that Zubmariner is the first expansion to Sunless Sea, due out this Autumn. For newcomers: Zubmariner will allow you to add a zubmarine shell to your vessel, in order to make risky dives below the Unterzee. Stories, loot, zee-beasts and surprises will be there to discover - but the risks will be even higher than surface journeys.

Work continues apace on this new and more intense layer to the game! Beasties, animations and new ports are being added to the beta. Your correspondent met with the director of development yesterday and could hardly keep from squealing with delight at the terrible, wonderful stories you’re going to experience down there.

For people who have struggled with screen resolutions and text sizes in Sunless Sea, we’ve recently blogged about updates to the UI which are now in Zubmariner[], and which will be rolled out to Sunless Sea when Zubmariner is released.

New Zubmariner development video

In which we discover a Triskelegant. If you manage to defeat one, you can risk dragging it aboard. They’ll pay double in London for anything that’s ‘pole-and-line caught’.

Reminder: we’re coming to Twitchcon!

We’re really excited to be doing our first ever event in the US!

Twitchcon is from 30 September to 2 October. Team FBG will be there, showing Zubmariner and giving out goodies (including special gifts for people in costume or who bring us fan art to decorate our office, which otherwise looks very much like a plain Victorian chapel, because that’s what it is).

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