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What's Up Chasers,

It has been silent on the Steam front since the announcement of Grand Chase's closure, however we're back to bring you some (hopefully) good news!

Elsword is opening its doors to all Grand Chase users and giving us a big warm welcome with many exciting events!

For any players who have logged in between 4/3/2014 until 2/22/2015 11:59 PM PST, you will qualify for the events below!

Grand Boost Up!
Have at least 1 or more characters in Grand Chase? Depending on the level of your highest character, you can receive a level jump + 2nd job class in Elsword!

Boost Up!
If you are a veteran who has more than 1 maxed out Grand Chase character, then you're in luck! For every additional Lv 85 you have, you can receive a level jump to 35 + 1st job class. (Up to 5 characters) Or if boosting up a character is not something that interests you then you can receive 150 Link Up Coins that can be redeemed for great rewards!

*Redeeming your boost up rewards will also reward you with additional items such as a Mount, Costume, Pet, and more

There are also quests, titles, and a slew of other items that you can receive just by playing Elsword!

Also, for those of you that have purchased K-Ching in Grand Chase, we haven't forgotten about you. Please read the following announcement posted on the Grand Chase website regarding the details of the compensation.
K-Ching Compensation[]

The compensation has already been applied, so log into Elsword to see the Link Up Cash reflected in Item Mall.

To check out Elsword, click on the link here:
Elsword Steam Page

This is just the tip of the iceberg! You can find out more information regarding each of the events by clicking on the link below!

Welcome Grand Chasers []

See you in Elsword!
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