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Trion Worlds is bringing the love with tons of free loot, a bevy of bonuses (like Double XP) and savings of up to 70% off on DLC all weekend! Each of our games has their own unique way of honoring this season of love so come join in on the fun!

All Trion games are free to play so hop in and set out on brand new adventures today!

Help Princess Greeniette find the real Prince Yateo, and give him his favorite chocolate until Feb. 27th.

Atlas Reactor
Join in on the Mad Love event! Find lovely new skins and emblems to unlock, plus the Valentine’s themed items from last year have returned. Earn Mad Love loot matrices with daily missions in game through Feb. 20th.

Through Feb. 26th enjoy the Colony Courtship festival of love on the new frontier! Login for this event to unlock 7 days of Patron perks, plus 100% bonuses on Reputation, XP, and Scores. Want to learn more? Login and play today!

Journey into the Dragonfire Peaks to take down hellbug invaders to earn Skittering Heart Boxes. These boxes can contain tons of lovely loot for the romantic in us all. Join the festivities now for special daily login rewards to get your free loot on!

Play for your Heart’s Desires in RIFT through Feb. 18th. Get a pack discount, access to Prestige Mounts and a big boost to Adventure XP, Planar Attunement XP, Guild XP, Prestige, and Favor all week!

Play any of our games for free right now! If you like what you see, you can take advantage on huge savings on the biggest and best DLC, plus spectacular in-game Valentine’s Day events, and much more. Come explore the many massive worlds brought to you by Trion!
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