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Of Guards and Thieves is a multiplayer stealth game in which high-powered guards face off against fast and elusive thieves in a contest of wits. Outsmarting the enemy and shooting your way through to the goal are equally valid strategies. A game with simple rules, emergent gameplay and high replayability, Of Guards and Thieves is sure to be a showstopper in your gaming collection!

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Of Guards and Thieves - Update 85
Update 85 Switches and Circuits Update v.1 and more!

Hi guys! Update 85 is now available!

OGAT 85.5 changelog
Switches and Circuits Update v.1
Switches and Interactive Lights/Objects are now available inside the Map Editor!
  • New Map Editor "Wiring Mode" (enable it holding SHIFT key)
  • Map Editor: New graphic style for the "classic" Red lightswitches
  • Map Editor: New Blue Switch (Control unit cabinet)
  • Map Editor: New Orange Switch (Lever)
  • Map Editor: New Junction Boxes (Red - Blue - Orange)
  • New Graphics and New Sounds for Switches
  • New Pointlights colors (x20 tiles) (Red wire circuit)
  • x1 New Interactive Street Lamp (Blue wire circuit)
  • x3 New Bulleproof Light Panel (Blue wire circuit)
  • x3 New Bulletproof Shutter Metal wall (Orange wire circuit)
  • x3 New Destructible Wooden Barricade (located in Furniture layer / Misc tileset)
  • x2 New Wooden destructible doors

Fixes and Improvements**
  • Map Editor performance improvements
  • Improved Custom Map download
  • DEDICATED SERVER FIX: Crash after many matches probably solved
  • CPU usage improvements for both Dedicated Server and Player-hosted Server

Switches and Circuits Update v.1
Build your maps with a more interactive and engaging environment: you can finally use lightswitches, interactive lights and electrical objects in the Map Editor for all you custom map building needs!

Circuit types and components
Circuits are divided into different groups that are not compatible with each other and each group is indicated by a different color.

Used to control light source/mechanisms and other switches.
Junction Boxes
Useful to increase Switches effective range and to keep the wires tidy.
Lights and Interactive Objects
The final part of the circuit controlled by Switches.

Red circuit
Used for room pointlights.
  • Red Switch
  • Red Junction Box
  • Colored Pointlights

Blue circuit
Used for light emitter hardware.
  • Blue Switch
  • Blue Junctoin Box
  • Streetlamp
  • x3 Bulletproof Light Panels

Orange circuit
Used for mechanic hardware.
  • Orange Switch
  • Orange Junction Box
  • x3 Metal Shutter Doors

More circuits and component will be added later!

How to build circuits in your custom maps
1) Hold SHIFT key to stay in wiring mode
2) Move your character in front of a Switch/Box
3) Press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on a Light or Switch to link/unlink it with the active Switch.
4) use the same system to link Switches of the same colors together if needed

- A single light can be linked only to a Switch at a time
- Switches can be linked to multiple switches within the same group/color
- Red Switches can be linked only to pointlights and other RED Switches/Boxes
- Blue Switches can be linked only to BLUE Switches/Boxes and Lights
- Orange Switches can be linked only to Orange Switches/Boxes and Mechanisms

Destructible wooden barricades and wooden doors

If you need help reach us on the official OGAT Discord server!

DISCORD Official Server

Official Discord server is now available!
If you want to invite other players please use this link
*Discord is available as Browser application and Standalone client for Win/Mac/Linux iOS and Android.
Check here to download the client -

Official Community Forum

Development roadmap board on Trello
OGAT Development roadmap is now available on Trello board.


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