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Of Guards and Thieves is a multiplayer stealth game in which high-powered guards face off against fast and elusive thieves in a contest of wits. Outsmarting the enemy and shooting your way through to the goal are equally valid strategies. A game with simple rules, emergent gameplay and high replayability, Of Guards and Thieves is sure to be a showstopper in your gaming collection!

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Of Guards and Thieves - Update r.79.2
Note: this is part of a series of updates with lots of changes under the hood that we need to test in order to proceed with the r.80.x release.

Hi guys,
Update r.79.2 is now available

Main changes
New VFX - Muzzle Flash, smoke effect for weapons, projectiles shell emission
*Note, Muzzle Flash effect is present only with non-silenced weapons

New VFX - Improved hit particles effect
*The new hit effect on environment is not visible in dark areas
*Environment Hit effects depends on weapons type, there are 3 different effect type
*Being fired/stabbed inside a bush do not reveal your position easly anymore
*Being fired/stabbed in dark area do not reveal yout position easly anymore
*Added Blood effect on ground when you're hit, blood trace on the ground can be used as tactical information (bleed affect disappear in 4-5 seconds)
*Blood effects depends on weapons type, there are 5 different effect type

New Profile Menu

UI Email setup menu for Steam users
*Now game ask to setup an email if you have not set yet
*You can change your mail inside the Profile menu

New Loading screen with random hint, filtered by gamemode/team/map/level

OGAT Updates r.78.4 to 79.2 complete changelog
OGAT r.78.4 changelog
  • NEW VFX: Muzzle Flash + smoke effect for weapons
  • NEW VFX: Projectiles shell emission with physics when shooting
  • Little improvements to trail renderer for bullets
  • Reworked Melee hit scan system
  • Lot of changes for Map Editor server side networking code
  • FIX - Wrong weapons assigment on death (Polaroid+Death Log)
  • Reworked Yellow Passage hit scan detection
  • Lower polaroid sound on death (-50% volume)
  • FIX: Wrong slowdown effect with not broken windows
  • FIX: Terrains collision height
  • FIX: Weird bug with windows hit detection
  • FIX: Stab/Shot when character adherent to Walls
  • RIP Halloween decorations

OGAT r.78.5 changelog
  • NEW VFX: New and improved Blood Effect
  • NEW VFX: New Hit effect for environment
  • Supports for multiple contemporary hit particles
  • FIX: Wrong bullet rotation for Parabellum projectiles
  • FIX: Melee Hit scan for Big Brain fixed
  • FIX: Caltrop are no longer invisible

OGAT r.78.6 changelog
  • New VFX effect for Railgun (IG modes)
  • FIX: No more invincible Big Brain in Zombie Rush mode
  • Pumpkin ball for Soccer removed
  • Reduced Backward speed malus for Sandbox mode classes
  • Hit Environment VFX improvements
  • Pump-Action Shotgun rebalance: Less distance damage falloff
  • FIX: Wrong Slowdown effect for windows on RiverCity map
  • UI Email setup menu
  • Friend List is now alphabetically ordered
  • FIX: Stuttering audio fixed
  • FIX: Wrong objective message for Guards in GaT.

OGAT r.78.7 changelog
  • Improved Caltrop collision
  • FIX: Office C1 Big Brain fixed
  • UI Email setup menu for Steam users
  • Reduced volume for MadBall explosions
  • Optimized collision for all particles effect
  • Optimized performance for Zombie related VFX
  • Unified M4 Magazine type (compact MAG no longer 'available, standard MAG with 20 bullets are now used for every M4 variants)

OGAT r.79.0 changelog
  • New Loading screen with random hint, filtered by gamemode/team/map/level
  • Free Class with level unlock for "Free To Play" users
  • Automatic Class unlock for "Gold" users
  • Pop-up for locked class with requirements
  • Free Avatars Guards and Thieves faction classes
  • FIX soccer sounds

OGAT r.79.1 changelog
  • Rewritten character movement netcode
  • Rewritten 2d sound system
  • New Personal Profile Menu v.1
  • Chat Beep sound replaced

OGAT r.79.2 changelog
  • New netcode fix and improvements

For any questions feel free to contact us on our official Discord Server or Community Forum.

DISCORD Official Server

Official Discord server is now available!
If you want to invite other players please use this link
*Discord is available as Browser application and Standalone client for Win/Mac/Linux iOS and Android.
Check here to download the client -

Official Community Forum

Development roadmap board on Trello
OGAT Development roadmap is now available on Trello board.


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