Patch 3.6 Details

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Silvanarix Sep 10 @ 3:44pm 
Thanks for the update! Perhaps have coins that drop within a small area group together into one ground item, perhaps a pile. Once piled, it can act as a single object with a value determined by the coins collected to the pile. That could alleviate some of the items on the ground cap issues you seem to be having.
Geshami Aug 26 @ 2:00pm 
ok how the HECK did you fix the blackscreen? i am having one in front of me right now ! T_T
wingding92 Aug 23 @ 3:40am 
Hmm we seem to have a problem with our ogres running around as much as they want even when told to stand still. was on palanteer if that helps ^^ trade bug were it says players already trading. flying fishes bug on aquanos >_> and private taverns + the current public taverns would be awesome : 3 love the pet abils and transmogs tho
Lyon (Löwi) Aug 22 @ 3:21am 
Download stops around 75% and won't continue. Is that normal ?
Get duxky <3 Aug 21 @ 9:09pm 
Did anyone who use mac crash in the middle of the game sometime? Like survival at 10 - 30 mins
MauryFerro81 Ita Aug 21 @ 4:07pm 
how to change character during survival?
neek Aug 21 @ 11:32am 
Linux still isn't working for me.
DannyBoi Aug 21 @ 3:04am 
in fact your so called black screen fix did still not work, some community provided script did. at least i can play the game now but i am not amused about all this so far.
Jestma Aug 21 @ 1:17am 
For the love of god please make the menus easier to use with a controller.
BeTTo Aug 20 @ 9:41pm 
"Added a persistent Defender’s Forge to all Survival maps" I play DDE on PC with xbox controller this doesn't work. Fix it please.