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The Halloween update is here! Here's what you get:

0.15.0, Oct 31st:
- Added: New standalone level: Prison Break
- Added: Skeletons
- Added: Gremlins, cute (don't put water, and DON'T feed after midnight!)
- Added: Gremlins, nasty
- Added: Dogs (it's not that they dislike skeletons, but they are just sooo bony)
- Added: Cemetery fences
- Added: Graves
- Added: New interaction: Dig
- Added: Pumpkins
- Fixed: A bunch of fixes and improvements

The zombies are almost finished, but I was not able to finish them in time for Halloween. Another update with them will be out soon next week.

The new standalone level is a bit harder than the starting levels of the campaign, but can be solved in more than one way; and we'll add even more additional paths as we add more content (one of them involves the zombies).

I also did not do extensive playtesting on the new level, so expect some changes and fixes next week.

Happy Halloween!
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