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With this update we are adding cars to the game which you now can craft through gathering and assembling materials. The first vehicle is the Buggy N300, which is little off-road buggy that comes with 1 passenger seat. All servers have been wiped and gathering wood/stone has been made much easier. In addition the game engine has been updated to Unity 5.1 which now comes with full native Oculus Rift Support.

- Both server and client have been updated to Unity 5.1
- The client now supports the Oculus Rift DK2 and higher natively.
- Buggy N300 has been added to the game.
- You can now craft tires which is required to built a car.
- You can now craft engines (needed for vehicles).
- You can now craft the buggy chassie.
- Change to pickup ore from stones has been increased from 4% to 10%.
- The amount of stone gathered when picking up a rock has been tripled.
- The amount of wood gathered when picking up a woodlog has been tripled.
- XP for picking up stone has been doubled.
- All players will now spawn more or less in the same area. (Starter Area)
- UI Scaling is now dynamic.
- Fixed several bugs that have been reported through our forums.
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