Miscreated State of the Game 2016

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FRee MaD Feb 24 @ 10:03am 
We want to help but you do not want yet an early access to enrich your bank account and not to create something new!
FRee MaD Feb 24 @ 10:00am 
I look your stat, its a joke? where is all your player? in miscreated? no on h1z1... Devs you create a copy of copy of copy to other survival game and you want copy paste BR! Or is passing your creativity? Or is your commitment to your players? Everybody to leave is game for lack of listening to your players, you do not listen to the request of the administrator server setting, released the creation of mods tool for the community can help!
Bayesian Feb 24 @ 8:54am 
Pedro Feb 14 @ 8:40am 
no battle royal please, this shit gonna kill the main game ...
FRee MaD Feb 14 @ 4:37am 
Basic pvp game, like day-z bis...
Coulrophage Feb 14 @ 4:12am 
Battle Royal?!?! Just no, please, just no.
Tazziedevil04 Feb 13 @ 4:23am 
ya im Pissed i spend my money on a game i have loved from the begining and guess what it wont load up from steam it gets the the entrada things then crahses
like i cant even say for it to wait or nothing
Papa Chaos Feb 11 @ 5:10am 
Now, all you need is to give people the ability to host their own dedicated servers and you might actually get a functional playerbase.

The game is really nice! But, if me and my friends knew earlier that we couldn't host our own servers. We would have refunded the game. Heck if we knew from the start we wouldn't have wasted money on this game.

Heck the moment we figured it out we just stopped playing the game. Kind of sad. But, for us it's important that we can host for our community of players.

Is really that important for you to rent away i3d servers?

Because, if you are not planing to even give the players the ability to host their own servers then know that you will only have a really low % of the actual sales and players you could have had.
fishgeekted Feb 10 @ 7:35pm 
Find your niche and go for it. Don't be a clone. I too am eagerly awaiting the survival shelter building aspect of the game. Funny enough, in all survival games with the exception of Long Dark, the survival is missng from the survival game. When you implement this missing piece, please do it in a way that is fun and game like and not lost in some chore like UI menu somewhere. I want to PLAY the survival part and not move icons around UI screens for hours on end...
Silluin Feb 9 @ 11:16am 
Focus on survival. Make this a good PVE game with PVP, please!