New World + Patch

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ECA Oct 3 @ 5:35am 
And the other planets arent working well?? Or do we just shoot each other? and ROB each other?
Sandman || Sick :/ Aug 14 @ 3:35am 
Good job devs. Keep it up :)
Break The Bone Aug 11 @ 5:35am 
they need to stop adding worlds and start adding zones to kill aliens in.
Articulate Llama Jul 25 @ 4:52pm 
hang out with those people you hate on youtube that post first! join death league!... yeah no thanks

Thanks for the patch FoM devs!
JesseRivera1982 Jul 24 @ 3:55pm 
Join Death-League!
JesseRivera1982 Jul 24 @ 3:55pm