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The patch is now live on the stable branch. The cause of the random crash has been identified and fixed. We also found and fixed a few other bugs compared to the weekend patch.

Below you'll find the change log for this version.

  • Improved: Boss Camera on 4:3 screens
  • Changed: Squid can only be activated with the primary weapon now
  • Fixed: Final boss (second phase) was no valid target for Sentry Gun / Railgun
  • Fixed: Enemy blood was triggered also if no damage taken
  • Fixed: "Bouncing" projectiles can hit the same enemy up to 3 times (damage x3)
  • Fixed: Modifier "bouncing" can create more as one object
  • Fixed: Presto's flamethrower can go through enemy shield
  • Fixed: Dead end possible in one of the mission 7 variants
  • Fixed: Enemies on stairs sometimes no longer reacting
  • Fixed: Brecht’s ability (piercing) was not working with replacement weapons
  • Fixed: HP reduced to 20 HP (mission 2) if you finish mission 1 without damage *NEW*
  • Fixed: Client can't hit sharkopede body
  • Fixed: Possible Client disconnect if the mission loading took too long
  • Fixed: Client - reflect projectiles can be duplicated
  • Fixed: Local co-op - Slot 1 Keyboard / Mouse input - only keyboard key hints are displayed for all players
  • Fixed: Public player can join private matches (after game over screen)
  • Fixed: Join / Invite to game via Steam overlay was breaking the game (now a correct message is displayed)
  • Fixed: Dead Player 1 (Host) – no grey or golden keys added to the Inventory
  • Improved: Increased the range when the background is no longer shown outside the screen
  • Improved: We increased the update window size to prevent stuttering enemy animations at the border of the visible area *NEW*
  • Fixed: Animation glitch with the level end drop pod
  • Fixed: Shop - Burrito upgrade had the wrong icon
  • Fixed: Animation glitch with the player drop pod in Multiplayer
  • Fixed: Multiplayer - Dead player was partial visible and was following the lead player *NEW*
  • Added: Proper Shot SFX for Plasma Cannon Orcs
  • Improved: Enhanced goblin ranged attack impacts SFX
  • Improved: Reduced High volume Clutter of Explosion SFX from Clusterbomb
  • Fixed: Missing Shot SFX for Balloons, Rifle Orcs and Robocopter.
  • Fixed: Missing Shot SFX for Battle Gate Minibosses
  • Fixed: A problem occurring with death sound effects of Orcs, Goblins and Shrouds
  • Changed: Press “Start” screen is automatically skipped now
  • Changed: Gun drone text updated to describe the behavior correct
  • Fixed: Localized names for weapon transferred
  • Fixed: Overlapping interface element if level end drop pod + weapon / item is at the same position *NEW*
  • Fixed: Grey shop item also if you have enough gold to buy it (exact needed gold amount) *NEW*
  • Fixed: Achievements "Stabbin' in Style" / “Caucasian Males Can Jump" not correct unlocked
  • Fixed: Achievements "Triple-Barreled Terror" and "Dark Wins" not unlocked
  • Fixed: Game Resolution not checked on game start, potentially unplayable if you use more as one PC with the same profile
  • Fixed: Crash if an invite was accepted during the game was loading / splash screen was shown
  • Fixed: Crash if an invite was accepted during the player was in another session (running mission)
  • Fixed: D-Input controller was not working (correct) if the controller was already plugged in at game start
  • Fixed: Rare crash if the player ability was active and the player stats are updated in a specific way *NEW*
  • Fixed: Random crash in Multiplayer (mainly with 4 player but also possible with less) *NEW*

    Info regarding fixed achievements:
    • "Stabbin' in Style" / “Caucasian Males Can Jump" have to be collected with the determined character. Before the fix aby character was able to collect it.
    • "Triple-Barreled Terror" and "Dark Wins": Unfortunately those achievements have to be unlocked again. Before the fix the wrong enemy was counted towards the achievement goal.
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