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Hey DieselStormers!

We’ve been monitoring the airwaves and have a bunch of enhancements to send your way. This update includes a pile of small quality of life changes, that improve basic interactions ( slam, shooting, sounds, etc… ) as we continue to iteratively improve everything.

Multiplayer got a whole lot of love, with tons of bug fixes, name tags, and general metal goodness.

We only had time to do a quick pass over the crafting screen for now, but we’ve got a lot more work underway there for an upcoming release. We know it is still a bit confusing to people who haven’t spent a lifetime trying to build energy weapons out of broken goblin machinery, but hang in there.

Also, we want YOUR ideas! We know a bunch of cool stuff we want to do with DieselStormers, but we’re always happy to add more awesome bits. So don’t be shy, and send us your suggestions and feedback to:

Changelist - [BUILD]1663
  • Improved the stability
  • Reduce the Network traffic
  • Fixed some crash issues related to Multiplayer
  • Better handling when join a game that is in the middle of a running mission.
  • Fixed issues when join / leave Multiplayer sessions
  • Add tooltips to crafting menu
  • Multiplayer name tags
  • Crafting screen minor overhaul
  • Spawners now visually different when out of spawns.
  • Difficulty adjustments for failed missions.
  • Health pickup improvements like no longer possible to pick up health pickups when full HP.
  • Increased stagger and slam ranges; slam feel more powerful now
  • Barrel explosions can now instantly kill a big melee Ork
  • You now need three slams to kill a goblin instead of two
  • Ingame sfx will fade out now when open the ingame menu.
  • Some sfx that cut before now correct played.
  • Some sfx improvements like Plasma Ork attack
  • Some sfx are not muted when turn of the audio completely in the options menu
  • SFX now stops correct when enter the crafting menu
  • Fixed an issue when pick up multiple overdrive pickups
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