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Hey everyone due to personal stuff I´ve sadly been a bit out of the loop, however now here is the patch notes for the last patch that was released for Dieselstormers.

Today’s update comes with a couple of neat changes. We focused on the class system in the recent weeks, reworking some of its flaws and updating it along the way. While play testing, we also noticed that the Overdrive is not being used as much, so we removed the resource cost and put it on a cool down timer instead. A new enemy, updated enemy behavior and New Guns! round up this update.

As usual, give us your feedback in the comments below.


Classes redefined - different starting stats are now what defines a class.

Classes also differ by free upgrades and properties that are always active (e.g. all weapons that one class picks up have always extra range and speed)

Moved old class system-specific weapons and overdrives into the random pickups pool (armor and weapon mods) and added two new weapons

Grenade launcher (Mortar)

Lazer gun (Surge Lance)

Overdrive is on a cool down timer now

Weapon variants now are more distinctive (e.g. bouncing shots scatter more, bigger shots are slower, etc.)

Existing enemies should run also away, not only at you. Ranged enemies didn’t even run at you back then. Now we have some that run away after shooting, and others that run towards you after shooting and try to hit you in melee.


Rewrote a ton of Perks and reintroduced them all to the game.

New flying enemy (currently looks like a giant orc balloon circling around you) placeholder dressing for the Shark Worm - which is not a boss. Yet.

We now have XP which is tracked from session to session and displayed as a progress amount on screen while playing (% up to 100% per level). You level up and gain perks at the end of a level.

PC weapons now have recoil that pushes the PC back when firing. How strong the recoil is depends on the weapon.

//Your BFG Team
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