Update 1.95 Available!

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flixwito Jul 25 @ 10:26pm 
More challenge like time-attack or one-life.
House customization.
cartormIII Jul 22 @ 7:55am 
The camera angle is awful, never put it in at ground level, u cant see holes nor determinate the depth of the enemies.
Cybotic Tech-MechX9 Jul 22 @ 3:15am 
camera angle still feels like a camera's been shoved up a bum
Seph Jul 19 @ 12:45am 
A health bar would greatly improve the experience. Killing enemies is way too wonky with the terrible range attack that seems to lack any proper physics feedback, so being able to take at least 3 hits would be a huge improvement.
Gamer#7589 Jul 18 @ 11:37am 
I think a couple more levels would be great. I have to controllers and me and my neighbor play this all the time. Great game.
Wait, camera distance? I think what people asked for was to be able to rotate the camera freely, like in most 3D platform games
Chicken Dinner Jul 16 @ 3:07pm 
We need a health bar. 1 hit kills on every enemy and us having 1 health is awful. Plus fix the checkpoint system. Every time I die by enemy I go back to spawn but when I fall off a cliff I go to the checkpoint
Anamona Jul 12 @ 7:08am 
Option to turn the camera by ourselves would be perfect. A counter of sorts to show how many fruits we've gathered.
Zuppao Jul 10 @ 12:44pm 
Hi guy. I just finished the level 1. I liked your game, it is nice, the graphics are soft (sounds like Little Big Planet, is cool). My suggestion is (inside levels) show the number of the fruits he got in a corner of the screen instead of growing the size of the "bag", because?.... Sometimes that big bag appear in front of the Woodle (you can't see the Woodle) and when you enter in a little door, the bag through the wall (it isn't cool). I hope the game grows, get better and evolute more and more... Congratulations...!!!
D_aRkAnGeL Jul 10 @ 10:42am 
Awwww. I just played the new level, and got the new item, is so cute :3 I like it!