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Commanders - presenting Habitat v0.8! In this version you’ll find rescuable and moving Citizens, point-and-click navigation, and many changes to combat, engineers, and interactions! And, we’ve heard you loud and clear about the initial difficulty. We’ve turned it down so you can spend time flying and fighting at your own pace!

NOTE: Many aspects of the game have changed. Not all of the new systems are present in the Tutorials. Read about the details below to familiarize yourself with the changes.
NOTE: Saved game data file formats have changed from v0.7. Your previous save games are not guaranteed to work with v0.8. If you wish to remove or edit them, they are plaintext JSON files here:
PC: Users\<You>\AppData\LocalLow\4gency\Habitat_EarlyAccess_\HabitatSaves
MAC: <Your User Folder>/Library/Caches/unity.4gency.Habitat (Early Access)/HabitatSaves
LINUX: Home/.config/unity3d/4gency/Habitat_EarlyAccess_/HabitatSaves

Introducing Rescuable and Moving Citizens

Citizens have been in Habitat for a while, but hidden away in the dark corners, unwilling to come out and brave the deep void of space.

Now they’re a part of the fight.

Citizens - when they’re in habitats - show up as blue, yellow, or red dots, and have the ability to move around the station through the connectors. Since each piece of a habitat has a maximum citizen load the citizens will attempt to spread out as best they can. Here’s what the colors mean:

Blue - No problems - I enjoy living here! (minus the liquid food and lack of greenery)
Yellow - Getting crowded - I’ve had to move from another node that has too many people! (Watch out for too many of these, it’ll indicate you’re reaching population max)
Red - Emergency - I’ve just run away from a node that’s been damaged or hit with an elemental weapon!

While you won’t have to worry about citizens’ individual health while they’re on board the station, space is a dangerous place and in the heat of combat you may find yourself with citizens on the outside - rather than the inside - of your habitat! Ejected citizens can come from extreme damage, connector breaks, or destruction of habitat pieces. They have a limited breathing time of 35 seconds, and their own health value, which can be damaged by weapons, elemental effects, and physical collisions.

You can pick up still-living citizens (yours or anyone else’s) by running them over with one of your habitats, or sending an engineer to rescue them. Beware! Other factions will send engineers to steal your ejected citizens if they’re nearby, and may attack you if you rescue citizens that they think are theirs!

If you’re running short on citizens, remember that you can always recruit new ones at the local Town, or - and we’re not saying you _should_ do this - destroying other stations and taking their citizens. Okay, we said it.

Point and Click Navigation

While we love the unique flight profiles of multi-rocket habitats, sometimes you just want to get somewhere. With the return of omni-thrusters we’re happy to introduce a point-and-click steering system for your habitats.

To fly: Left-click the Player HQ (the big donut) or one of your sub-habitat command bridges, and then left-click a destination. The omni-thrusters will fire up and begin moving.

You can Emergency Stop to cancel the waypoint, or simply set a new waypoint close to the current location to stop navigation.

Some notes:

This mode will use all omni-thrusters attached to the habitat but it won’t use booster rockets. Those are still yours to individually command.
While in this mode you can use the arrow keys to achieve precise movement with boosters.
There is no object avoidance built into the navigation system. If your navigation line crosses a black hole or minefield, so will your habitat!

Other Changes

Visible ship names - we’ll be giving our Kickstarter backers a chance to name ships too!

You’ll now notice a distinct lack of the “connector killer” nano machines. We may introduce them later in the game at higher difficulty levels but they weren’t meant for the start of the game. Our apologies!

Nano-machine engineers still convert space junk, but now they convert it only into other engineers, not nanomachine hunters.

Your engineers should now be much more resistant to … whatever it was … that was killing them for no reason out in space. Our scientists are still working that one out, but they assure us safety is a priority.

Engineers from all sides now have a more limited range to auto-operate. You can still send your engineers long distances manually - but we may need to reign that distance in a bit in future versions for balancing purposes.

Introducing the new combat music theme! If you hear the music, one of your stations is under attack. Stay alert!

Engineer speech bubbles, new AP turret models, visible damage gas jets, and a collection of bug fixes for stability and safety!

We hope you enjoy the new features! Keep on spacing!

- The Team at 4gency
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