Space Hulk: Deathwing

Space Hulk: Deathwing

Update 5 Beta

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fransannicolas May 5 @ 2:20pm 
poco a poco estan haciendo el juego que queriamos los fans del universo warhammer porque mira que hemos aguantado carros y carretas rectificar es de sabios
Kilo May 4 @ 12:14am 
Another pathetic "update"
Jellyfission May 3 @ 11:48pm 
All I care about is full controller support. Cant use psygate or psychic powers. If anyone knows a fix, please let me know. Currently, B and Select/back does nothing and Y opens map.
AnonAmbientLight May 3 @ 9:29pm 
Does anyone know if they will add the ability to play the storymode in multiplayer, but save your progress?

I think that was the biggest issue my friends and I had with the game. We were hoping it was being advertised as a game where the singleplayer campaign could be played with the AI bots, or with friends.

Sad to see that it wasn't the case. :(
Sidonas May 3 @ 4:48pm 
How can one be so dumb as to read the above information and get "The game will be free for PC upon console release?!"
EAGLEWAX May 3 @ 4:47pm 
Add more maps ,gear and im happy .
Gren Armitage May 2 @ 2:08pm 
Its nice to see that the devs are atleast trying to get their shit together and fix their game. The other Warhammer 40k games have all been abandoned it seems, and they have not even been out a year. The repairs though have been incredibly slow, and still many of the problems persist. =(
PoorLittleTrex May 2 @ 11:34am 
Glad to read that, i really like this game. Please work on content !
More maps, more weapons, more abilities for each class and more enemys "spawnpoints".
Some sort of lootsystem would be cool, maybe for customizations on my terminator.
Or abilities that gain exp and get stronger.
Just my thoughts :P

Keep up the work!
CPT. SCHIZER May 2 @ 10:23am 
i wish people would stop complaining about performance, i can only recomend buying a graphics card no cheaper than $600000000000illion dollars.
ACACACACAC May 2 @ 8:34am