H1Z1: Just Survive

H1Z1: Just Survive

H1Z1 Becomes Two Games, Two Development Teams

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ᵃʷᵃʸ Apr 3 @ 11:47am 
SKaREO Mar 5 @ 7:41am 
I was going to try your game when it was done and ready for F2P release. Now I will just point and laugh.
ArmyOfBears Feb 27 @ 3:19pm 
@GammaBeta: It´s not correct about the Terms. You paid it once so why should you pay again? it´s free to play after you paid for it. and now they just changed the Model, becasue 2 Different Groups working on it now. so split into 2 pieces. Thats pretty simple and dont mean anything bad.
GammaBeta Feb 25 @ 10:35am 
How to gain money:

1- announce your game and say its going to be f2p.
2-make people pay 20 bucks (or euros) to enter early access.
3-start correcting bugs and recieving player feedback (all of this still telling the players its going to be f2p!)
4-tell everybody its not going to be f2p anymore (but only when you have lots of money from them!)
5-split the game into 2 and make people pay 20 bucks (or euros) each.

Seriously, i was really looking forward to playing this game when it came out f2p...
Daybreak: EA's son.
TomGrooves Feb 22 @ 1:01pm 
I always thought: Hmm il give it a go when it goes free to play.. GUESS NOT!
DingBatDave Feb 20 @ 3:51am 
I bought this in the first week it existed! yo fucker lied to us and you did it for the console $$$
Steam should remove this bullshit. Fine i would lose a steam game.... but i would lose a SHit steam game and im ok with that! But steam should definitely remove it because Daybreak have used the trusted steam system to cheat the loyal steam customers.
ArmyOfBears Feb 19 @ 3:09pm 
i love H1Z1 as much as it´s roll out on EA . Nuff Said
GRmagnum .44 Feb 18 @ 8:10am 
I don't see what everyone is crying about? If you already bought the game before Feb 16, which plenty of us have, then you don't have to pay for these "new" titles, you already have them morons. It clearly said you will have access to them. As for H1Z1 not being "Free-To-Play" anymore, like i said, it doesn't even matter for people who already bought the game anyway. I see it like this, I bought H1Z1 when it was only 10 dollars, now i have "two" games from that 10 dollars. I'm satisfied.

For the people who DID NOT buy H1Z1 before Feb 16, sucks for you guys, but then again, it's only 20 bucks for each game, and if you're smart, you'll wait for another steam sale. Good day everyone.
NorthernLight. Feb 18 @ 3:58am 
The dawn of the company is more and more pit, take a hot game software will now he divided it into two parts, divided into double the price to takeout, you will pit you die itself, that time there will be few people participate in this game!!!
😎MossyCow ✈ FOOL Feb 18 @ 2:03am 
Legit i need a refund as well, this game was nothing i expected. It is almost simply a walking simulator with a few zombies comin your way. No way did i expect a frikin circle of a map and almost nothing to do but search houses for the first 45 hours untill u find some suppies to kill with, and then u need to build and i cant even figure that part out ffs.