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Crawl 1.0 is here and 20% off all week!

The ancient golden colossus Tezekcal has awoken, brought to life by an evil shaman’s still beating heart. Take possession of his limbs with your ghostly companions to crush intruding heroes into dust.

Check out the insane new trailer.

New features include:
  • New Boss: Tezekcal
  • New playable monsters:
    • Demonic scorpion queen with devastating projectile attacks.
    • A flying beast with a disembodied eye that can attack from the opposite side of the room.
    • A poison spitting snake.
    • A Powerful high priestess that teleports and summons seeking runes.
  • Hymns enable heroes to steal from other players. Take their gold, weapons, even swap all their equipment.
  • Achievements/Quests.
  • Steam trading cards.
  • Loads of tweaks, balancing, bug fixes, and more!

The official soundtrack is finally available as well. Get it here!

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