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Great News, robot-fighters!

The “Open Season” has come!

We are pleased to invite you to Guns and Robots "Open Season" Event. Make sure to write it down in your calendar and get your friends along! From Thursday, September 11th , players of Guns and Robots will be able to win *limited edition heavy weapon – Barry Light. Players will have to collect cute cuddling bears that will be spread all over the maps in order to claim the ultimate prize.

And while you’re catching your breath, make sure to check the ongoing event giveaways throughout the next week. More details will be revealed about the upcoming giveaways on Guns and Robots Official Facebook Page!

*Note: The codes can be redeemed in the game from Menu panel.

11 Sept. Patch notes:

  • Unique Portraits now available for purchase
  • Consolidate items by type in Store
  • SpeedHack anticheat improved

  • Bulgarian language added

  • Fixed “Chewing gum” not making damage to the body
  • Speed buffs now work for heavy robots
  • Testing ground optimized
  • Various Small bug fixes and improvements
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