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With release 8.4, the first rendition of War Games is now available.

War Games is the "Action Shooter" pvp module of Epic Space: Online. There are a variety of 16 player servers to join with different rules, but the objective is the same: Win the Jackpot of credits for your team.
  • Players must "Buy In" to games, with the winning team splitting a Jackpot of credits and the losing team walking away with nothing.
  • Players are motivated to harvest credits in the Infinite Universe, risk them in the War Games expansion, then use the revenue made to fund their expeditions in the primary universe.

  • Added a "View Outbox" option to the Station Messages interface
  • Added a new aiming reticule for guns when weapons are armed.
  • Enabled the new First Person Camera Mode. To turn off, use the command: "/camfirstperson disable".
  • The arrow on the radar contacts list will now always point to the object detected. This detection would always be accurate no matter where you are in the sector, as long as the object doesn't move of course.

  • A heading 000 now leads you north instead of east. This is a major change, but should make maps easier to navigate.
  • Heading now shows your true heading ( Direction of motion, not angle of ship ).
  • Bullet velocity has been increased to 1000 km per second.
  • The "Q" key no longer shows/hides the hud. This has been replaced by a F7 and console command "/togglehud."
  • Object Tags are now shown with the "Q" key.
  • Tab key shows/hides the War Games scoreboard.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed various bugs and issues with the Station Messages interface.
  • Fixed an issue keeping players from seeing other players.
  • Fixed an exploit that kept Flak Cannons from disappearing when destroyed. Also note that merits are no longer awarded for destroying Flak Cannons or any other deployable object.

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