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Post feedback and bugs and interact with the developers of Rube Works.

Rube Works
Rube Goldberg
Electric Eggplant

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Version, now live:

New Features
  • Spanish and German translation
  • Achievements will now show up on Steam
  • Quick-pickup feature—no longer have to wait a second after clicking on an object to pick it up
  • Hint UI improved—tap anywhere outside yellow hint box to close Hint
  • Tutorial now optional, even first time through
  • Reset Game button added (especially helpful for teachers so they can let new students start fresh)
  • New Educators Tips help section
  • Parental Gate on external links for COPPA compliance
  • Now published by Electric Eggplant instead of Unity Games
  • Candle and Lights: Added extra colliders to the glasses so if they fall on their side, they don't penetrate the floor
  • Candle level: Cup in scissors no longer should rotate out of position after scissors close
  • Fan level: Camera pan range and position were off, couldn't see George!
  • Fan level: Can now put ball on either side of trough and get full points
  • Heater level—cat was hovering in space! Gravity turned back on for him
  • Heater level: If cat is placed on the right side of the seesaw, he no longer penetrates the heating pad when he jumps
  • Heater level: No longer possible to get the cat to vanish after he jumps off of seesaw
  • Lights level: Cup in scissors no longer should rotate out of position after scissors close
  • Lights level: Dropping candle on cat no longer clones cat
  • Picture level: There were two of the same message, "Screen lifts allowing mouse to see" being triggered for J and K.
  • Help text now resets each time you enter screen, and pause to scroll also resets
  • Changed red font on the Rewards screen numbered buttons to white to make it more legible
  • Much higher resolution Reward images after you complete a level. So now if you zoom in shouldn't be so pixelated
  • Picking up Ook in tutorial should be easier
  • Yellow boxes around captions shown during the running of the invention now expand as needed so text will always fit
  • Consistent use of << button on screens, and now << always plays the same saxophone sound
  • Clicking on win screen caused last achievement's text to stay on screen
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