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This is a bug fixing and optimization update over 9.1 as well as some polish to latest features.

To avoid any possible configuration problems please delete your config.ini file in Documents/Paragon (or ~/.paragon on Linux) and start Paragon at least once so it generates a new one with the latest changes.

About old saves:
Due to the way LUA information is saved we cannot guarantee that older saves will work with new updates. The way LUA data is stored even a single variable change or sometimes an asset update could actually break older saves. This is a big issue that we are planning to address as soon as possible.

Summary of changes:

  • Optimization pass for loading times and game
  • Default look around controls changed to SHIFT + WSAD
  • Minor adjustments to UI
  • Holding "S" (decelerate key) while in transit speed 2 will drop speed to 1
  • Transit drop speed respects Joystick axes motion
  • Fixed crash caused by some projectile types
  • Fixed crash caused by planetrings effect
  • Fixed issue causing shield to not be visible
  • Fixed inconsistencies in irradiance lighting between different types of models
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