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Summary of Changes:

  • New ships
  • New cockpits
  • New megastation hangar and re-modeled exterior

  • New Transit visual effects (active when post-processing is enabled)
  • Better ship thruster visual effects
  • Lighting changes
  • New effects system with OpenGL 3.1 support
  • Ships and stations moved over to pattern based paint markings system

  • New AI now handles all docking actions
  • Lots of AI improvements and moving NPC ships to new AI
  • Disabled piracy status on ship-ship collisions

  • Better crosshair and lock reticle
  • Autopilot/Comms UI changes

  • Fixed an issue causing crash when exiting hyperspace
  • Fixed issue causing messages to repeat in message log
  • Fixed instability issues caused by dlls with mixed visual studio versions
  • Fixed crash caused by perlin noise functions overflowing
  • Fixed crash caused by NPCs trying to fly around invalid bodies
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