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First OSX Steam Release!
Paragon now supports OSX 10.7+ on Steam.

Summary of Changes:

  • Positional and boundaries changes
  • Hyperspace UI changes
  • Changed default display mode to 1280x720

  • OSX support is back!
  • Loading time and memory usage is greatly decreased
  • Changed Hyperspace clouds gameplay features
  • Added new permanent hyperspace clouds that allow cheaper hyper jumps
  • External and sidereal cameras use new angles as default

  • Post processing system supports multiple layers of effects
  • New separate effects for GUI
  • Fixed issue passing model material shininess correctly

  • New ships
  • New sound effects and music
  • HUD changes
  • Polish for ships, starports and cities

  • New control binding for deselecting nav and combat targets (default: Y)

  • Fixed crash caused by MapInternal returning NULL in rare cases
  • Several small fixes
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