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To avoid any possible configuration problems please delete your config.ini file in Documents/Paragon (or ~/.paragon on Linux) and start Paragon at least once so it generates a new one with the latest changes.

About old saves:
This update includes a major gameplay feature change (the new fuel system) and because of that does not support save games from older versions.

Summary of Changes:

  • Joystick support fully upgraded for multiple axes, invert and deadzones

  • New message log
  • Multiple HUD improvements and adjustments

  • Hydrogen is now the only and main fuel in the game
  • New equipment: hydrogen tanks for storing hydrogen (no cargo space loss)
  • Added hydrogen tanks to all ships
  • Starting ship changes
  • Lots of minor additions and changes

  • New cockpits
  • New music
  • New sound effects and sound improvements

As usual please notify us of any issues you may encounter in the discussions.
Happy Gaming!
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