Marauder has a huge discount for this weekend!

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=7Cav=TRP. Lim. M Aug 2 @ 4:29pm 
& ef ahmed.
GoReChYlD Jul 30 @ 1:09pm 
ya this isnt an update to the game and should be taken down
Draconis Jul 21 @ 9:53am 
Update is being game cheaper permenantly and also all the same bugs for new low price!
HobbyPsychopath Jul 21 @ 8:51am 
Totally not abusing the new storefront system ...
DEADMEAT Jul 18 @ 2:56pm 
This was an awesome game. I will replay it at some point. does the story change any with different choices? I did not save the guys daughter at the store. I had heard some say that the lower floor of the house would get destroyed it never did for me.
Don't Jul 13 @ 6:33am 
You may not post an update about a sale, that is not an update to the game. Gr8 game tho!
Brimshae Jul 12 @ 6:24am 
Ahmed, Akhmet, Akhmetazov.... How many names does the main character have? :-D

Just got done with the Military Base as well. I wanted to take the APCs with me. :-(