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An ancient and venerable race, the drakes and dragons of the Drakken prize lore, history, and wisdom above all things.

Few in number but exceedingly powerful, they do not seek war but rather relationships, information, and knowledge. Faction histories, artifacts, and ruins are highly prized by the Drakken while wealth, military power, and advanced technology are viewed as insignificant.

Military they have limited numbers, and bring to battle very few but very powerful units.

The gradual onset of longer winters has not escaped the notice of this race who are attuned to Auriga's rhythms than all the rest.

Already they have struck out across the vast planet, forging ties with all who share Auriga's lands. They understand well that even if the cataclysm comes again, their first duty is to preserve what the Endless left behind, so that one day, maybe in a hundred years, maybe in a hundred thousand, their great teacher's creations will still endure.



The release notes are too long so I cannot unfortunately post them in this announcement. However, they're available here!

Check out the official dev blog post[] for more information.

~Amplitude Studios
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