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Hey guys,

Your game should be updating soon. :)

By the way, the Endless difficulty should be quite hard now, so tell us what you think about it!

  • Implementation of the new battle rules.
  • Updated the units.
  • Updated the unit capacities
  • Updated the items effects
  • Refactoring of the technology tree
  • Added Eras 5 and 6 of the technology tree
  • Added new Winter Effects
  • Global balancing of the game
  • Added animated diplomats
  • Added French and German localisations for testing purposes
  • Added OSX version for testing purposes
  • Added the tutorial
  • Added the game credits list
  • Implemented the Audio mix

  • Fixed 250+ issues. Too many fixes to be listed here... :)

  • Players cannot join a MP session set with a different language

Related to our game engine:
  • Primary monitors not used by the game: we are working with Unity to fix this issue
  • Game in front of other programs when Alt-Tabbed: we are working with Unity to fix this issue


The Mac version is now available: it is a 32-bit version for now, for testing purposes (we are working on a 64-bit version too). If you have purchased Endless Legend, it should now appear in your Steam library: download it as any other games on Steam and report your issues in the Technical Support section of our forum[].

We're hoping to release the 64-bit version tomorrow. Stay tuned for more info! :)

~Amplitude Studios.
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