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Hello everyone,

Thank you for choosing the latest Menu 3D Scene that will be created for Endless Legend! This was a close one, but the Ardent Mages won (775780 points).

There's a new GAMES2GETHER vote[], but on Dungeon of the Endless, so check it out if you're interested. :)

In other news, we also wanted to let you know that you have the possibility to select the next community hero for Endless Legend, based on a Minor Faction. Check out this thread here[] and vote for your three favourite Minor Factions:
  • The Gauran
  • The Kazanji
  • The Urces
  • The Sister of Mercy
  • The Jotus
  • The Erycis
  • The Silics
  • The Delvers
  • The Bos
  • The Haunts
  • The Ceratan
  • The Eyeless Ones
  • The Geldirus
  • The Hurnas
  • The Nidya

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