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Hey everyone,

Thanks a lot for all your recent bug reports. We hope this patch fixes most issues you've brought up to us so you can fully enjoy our game!


  • Fixed an issue where defenders' life is lost even if there still is fortification during a siege.
  • Fixed an issue where "Pathfinder" Allayi hero skill does not work.
  • Fixed an issue where battle-related Tempest achievements are not properly unlocked in certain cases ("It Came from the Depths", "Go back to R'lyeh", "The Great Old One" and "Full Deck").
  • Fixed an issue where the game will desync if players trade fortresses with units assigned to garrison during a MP session.


  • Fixed an issue where units are damaged by retaliation in controlled land or oceanic regions during truce.
  • Fixed several text issues.
  • Fixed an issue where units are damaged by retaliation in controlled oceanic regions during cold war.
  • Fixed an issue where fortresses will become captured without being assaulted if their garrison is destroyed when participating as reinforcements.
  • Fixed an issue where manual battles can be initiated without defenders if ungarrisoned fortresses are attacked.
  • Fixed an issue where submerged undetected units will receive retaliation damage.
  • Fixed an issue where "Super Charge" is not applied after deployment on lightning tiles or in the same turn after movement.

Have fun!
~Amplitude Studios
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