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Hey everyone,

We have a small surprise for you. Following the excitement of the Make War Not Love event of last month, we've decided to go ahead and do our part anyway! The new content pack Forgotten Love will be available tonight at 7pm CET on Steam, for free! This pack brings two heroines (one of them of pugtapult fame) to the Mezari faction, the Commander Irjsko Lasmak & Sable Deceiver Bayari Kulaa.

Along with Forgotten Love, we have released a new small update that contains bug fixes, and tweaks to AI with regards to Empire plans and district expansion. These changes were suggested by our community, so we'd like to say that you people are amazing, especially if your username is Ninakoru. Here is the full list of changes:


  • Added Irjsko Lasmak and Bayari Kulaa to cast of heroes. This content was unlocked to celebrate the Make War Not Love 4 community event.


  • Added image to Weather Control notification.
  • Added changes suggested by Ninakoru (G2G forum[])
    • Fixed a few typos in AIParameters[EmpirePlan] and a deprecated use of ClassCity:IntermediateTradeRoutesGain.
    • Fixed how district gain are calculated.
    • Empire plans never have a value of 0, no matter the strategic state (the multipliers have been raised from 0 to 0.1).
    • Tribal Council parameter has been moved to the correct file for clarity.
    • Raised Allayi desire for Luxury resources.


  • Fixed an issue where certain support units hang back in battle, wasting turns.
  • Fixed an issue where the proper achievement is not unlocked when finishing the tutorial.
  • Fixed a few typos spotted by the community.

Have fun!
~Amplitude Studios
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