X Rebirth 1.25 and News Update

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alex Apr 11 @ 5:42am 
X Rebirth
alex Apr 11 @ 5:42am 
я слюшел что 1 30 патч выйтет да
Zero_Vision Apr 8 @ 9:06am 
patchen neue sachen hinein und ich kann das game immer noch nicht mit 25+ frames zocken trotz r9 280x und nen phenom 2 x 4 mit 3,9 ghz...70 - 80 % auslastung...hätt ich mir lieber mit dem geld was anderes gekauft schade.
DarkEternis Apr 7 @ 3:37pm 
Honestly I don't think they can make this game into something good from where it started. Like all good computer game franchises they butchered it in the efforts to make it more kid-with-console friendly. Only ship you get to fly is Albion Skunk? really? Fail x 1000000.
Schwivid Mar 27 @ 1:57am 
Yeah, I have starpoint gemini 2 as well. a game with decent potential. But before you throw down for this abomination, there are some delightful treats on Steam that I would recommend: 7 Days to Die, Space Engineers, Planet Explorers (with a free playable demo no less!), Plague Inc. Others to keep an eye on are: Folk Tale and Banished, the latter being very buggy, but in time no doubt be developed into a classic gem.
et_pj84 Mar 25 @ 2:59am 
unfornatley i always check game forums etc before purchasing now and if no playable demos and lets plays before launch. Actually if it doesnt match what i want i wont buy , i got egosoft to thank for that, i have this game but it still plays like a pile of poopy even with this patch.

So bring on elite dangerous and other quality games that are out there and doing the right thing heck even starport gemini 2 is better quality than what x rebirth has turned out to be
-Silver the Dragon- Mar 24 @ 10:14pm 
umm sounds like a fixedifix ......
EvilCat08 Mar 24 @ 9:22am 
This game should have done an early access program. I am sure that as I, there are many waiting for it to drop at leass $20 on steam sell to buy it.
Ninja Mar 23 @ 8:19pm 
I'll give this game one more chance but it ran at under 20fps on my GTX 460 and on my current GTX 770, it has been an unoptimized piece of crap since launch and it should have been considered an Early Access title as it was obviously an incomplete game.

The game looked cool but disappointed on every level from stupid friendly ship AI to incompleteable qeusts and an absolutely terrible framerate. I don't know how it's possible they screwed up so badly with the framerate, a GTX 770 can play every game on the market at Very High to Ultra settings in most every case.

Re-installing now to see if the framerate has been fixed, I doubt it. All the fixes mention crashes, I didn't have a problem with crashes, the game just runs in slow motion.
River Mar 23 @ 6:28pm 
People will call me blind. People will call me insane. People will call me a fanboy latched to the ankle of a company on its way down, but God damn it, so many companies have disappointed me already. I know Egosoft won't join that pile... and that hope will stay alive until their eventual crash. The crash that every company goes through.

Numerous other game companies have gone through this tempest before, and they all survived. Show us you can do the same, Egosoft. Keep working, because you've got one faithful customer here who loves your games.