X Rebirth 1.24 Hotfix 1 Released

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Lone Wolfe Mar 29 @ 2:15pm 
You do, in fact, have a right to an opinion. However that does not make your opinion right.
Mehtryx Mar 2 @ 4:00pm 
Aetherr, cool your jets. Just because I have an opinion doesn't mean i'm being nasty. If i were being nasty you would really know it. The game is crap.
kevran003 Mar 2 @ 5:53am 
Can't get Xrebirth to start now update 1.25 is installed.
wolf Feb 23 @ 7:35pm 
Building an empire in freeplay is still broken as hell.
No fleet commands only follow.
Worst bugged and scam game ever.
TLDL | Taian Feb 23 @ 1:15am 
Mehtryx, cool your jets just because SPOOKTECH001 enjoys the game doesent give you a reason or excuse to be nasty and btw i enjoyed the game alot too despite the bugs
Mehtryx Feb 22 @ 1:41pm 
And let me be clear...I have never seen a hardware or software rollout go perfect either.....but I sure as hell haven't seen a disaster like this...Hell Battlefield 4 and Sim City are light years ahead with their issues.
Mehtryx Feb 22 @ 1:39pm 
More time spent reading all the negative comments than actual gameplay. Game is only 10% effective at best.....maybe they'll get a patch worth it next year but SPOOKTECH001's comments sound like a revers troll from EGOSOFT...or he is really easily pleased with such a pile of crap.
SPOOKTECH001 Feb 21 @ 3:52pm 
At 700+ hrs and climbing, i can say honestly the 1.24 hotfix is working, i just posted pix....nuff said????
Invidian Feb 21 @ 12:33pm 
Did they finally fix the framerate issues? Can I now runt he game on my low-end system in a format that doesn't look like I'm playing a game from the early 2000's?
(FYI: I can play Assassin's Creed 3 at near max graphics at 25FPS. I can't play X Rebirth on my laptop with Ambient Occluison enabled... I get between 5-15FPS...).
Ebany Feb 21 @ 12:13pm 
So glad I held off purchasing this game.