X Rebirth Update 2.20 Released - 64-bit

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Kittani Aug 29 @ 2:00am 
Player owned AI ships still unable to fly without crashing into stationary objects?
ZeJoker Aug 28 @ 1:35am 
E1M15xSk can you explain what "mess to play" mean to you please ? it would help me to understand what i shouldn't enjoy in this game :)
=UniSol=Tricky Aug 26 @ 8:03am 
If X3:Rebirth were available on Steam Linux, I'd buy it today.
Aprofis Aug 18 @ 10:57am 
ich hasse englisch
das spiel geht immer noch nicht...in 19jahren x reihe ist das grose kakeeeee.
goov Aug 15 @ 5:39pm 
can you fix the refined metal plateing issue at least?
argon_01 Aug 11 @ 6:28am 
Text nicht in deutsch
E1M15xSk Aug 9 @ 11:08pm 
so first they stopped the weekly updates, then fortnight updates, now monthly updates, what is next, the game is still a mess to play
Rathtolar Aug 9 @ 1:30am 
Still glad to see the continued updates and fixes!
Tijgerhaai Aug 6 @ 1:36pm 
I cant even start the game. i have installed it 2 times but it just dont start. can u pls help me.
i"ve got a i7 core 8Gb memory, AMD Radeon R7 260X 2GB
occide Aug 6 @ 6:50am 
WTF? I got a i7 at 3.4 Ghz, 8Gb Memory, Radeon 7950, and have the game installed on a fast SSD. Everytime after I saved, framerate goes down to exactly ZERO for about a 2 minutes while my SSD "spins" like crazy. Throughout the game this also happens all the time when approaching new areas, just not as bad, but still no fun at all. What is it doing using the harddrive all the time??? Seriously fix this immediatly!