X Rebirth Update 2.20 Released - 64-bit

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IateTheCheshireCat 6 hours ago 
Uninstalled it once and for all. Good bye forever, Egosoft.
Zero_Vision Sep 19 @ 2:10am 
where the fuck is the next update? still cant play that piece of shit in 64 mode and in 32 it laggs like hell...

GeneralRM Sep 18 @ 7:53pm 
Keep up the good work and I might buy the game, and I don't mean that negatively ;)
[FgcA] TonyMax Sep 18 @ 4:00am 
3 month without patch, devs trolls buyers. And me too.


*waiting for Star Citizen*
Pras Sep 16 @ 12:23pm 
"a mess to play" would probably mean that it's buggy and has game-playing flaws making it a messy experience. Sounds to me like the game needs a trainer just to get around the losses that the engine makes (AI behaving badly for example).. I've been playing these kinds of games all my life (since Elite on the BBC Micro) and for me the most annoying element of any game that you spend days and days building your world is game-breaking bugs. I know there are many opinions on this and personally I uninstalled it after a day or two because it just kept pulling me out of the game world and reminding me that it was either badly programmed or way too ambitious to get right.

Now then take a look at Eve Online - 100 times as complex and I haven't seen any bugs at all in the 9 years I've been playing it. Go figure. In fact, if you haven't tried it - go try Eve online and screw this crap.
pragma_vu Sep 14 @ 5:16am 
Can we get the old music back? The new one sounds like a cheap electro band without inspiration... :(
Kittani Aug 29 @ 2:00am 
Player owned AI ships still unable to fly without crashing into stationary objects?
ZeJoker Aug 28 @ 1:35am 
E1M15xSk can you explain what "mess to play" mean to you please ? it would help me to understand what i shouldn't enjoy in this game :)
=UniSol=Tricky Aug 26 @ 8:03am 
If X3:Rebirth were available on Steam Linux, I'd buy it today.
Aprofis Aug 18 @ 10:57am 
ich hasse englisch
das spiel geht immer noch nicht...in 19jahren x reihe ist das grose kakeeeee.