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Dear community,

We would like to clarify that all information noted by our Privacy Policy do not violate any law and Steam´s Code of Conduct indeed!

Please be aware we have never done "data mining" and never taken any advantage of gathering your data. The collecting of some data is a must by which we are ensuring the functionality of our services. The claim about us doing it, is a fraud.

Our Privacy Policy is general and refers to all our games available for all platforms. The collection of any personal or non-personal information applies to the functionality of our products/platforms, that use such a service – namely Dead Effect 1 and Dead Effect 2 for mobiles only.

Note: We will never collect any information sent outside of the functionality of our Websites/Apps, including through emails or text messages.

This collection is the correct matter of enabling us to:
• provide you with any goods, services or functionality you have requested,
• respond to any inquiries you have made through our customer service features;

In any case, our purpose is not to abuse them!

Dead Effect 1 and Dead Effect 2 to for PC do not use these services, so there is no collecting of information.

Please be aware of the common use of this privacy policy, where is collecting of personal data used in the same way. This formal statement use even greater game developer companies for the same reason as the functionality of our services (etc.

Following that we would like to clarify we have never done, did, do or plan to do any “data mining”. As we look into this situation, such a hoax and fraud statement may cause the damage of our good reputation and trustful brand of our game developing.

So to all loyal members of our great community:


If any of you suspect such a doing, please promptly contact us at

All the evidence and information on this case can help us reach the fraud and intervene it through all available legal means.

BFI Team
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